🔎 Château de Saint-Germain-BeauprĂ© – Definition and Explanations

🔎 Château de Saint-Germain-BeauprĂ© – Definition and Explanations


Citadel of Saint-Germain-Beaupré
Interval or model
Begin of building XVIe century
authentic proprietor Gabriel Foucauld,
Present vacation spot non-public
safety Labeled MH 09/05/1946

Latitude (Latitude is an angular worth, expression of the north-south positioning of a degree on Earth…)
Longitude (Longitude is an angular worth, expression of the east-west positioning of a degree on Earth…)
46° 18′ 45″ North
1° 32′ 44″ East
/ 46.3125, 1.5455
Nation (Nation comes from the Latin pagus which designated a territorial and tribal subdivision of extent…) France
Historic area Limousin
Area Limousin
Division Dig
French neighborhood Saint-Germain-Beaupre
France location map-Regions and departments.svg

Castle of Saint-Germain-Beaupré

The citadel of Saint-Germain-Beaupré is positioned in Saint-Germain-Beaupré within the division of Creuse and the Limousin area.


The citadel (A citadel is initially a medieval building supposed to…) was constructed at XVIe century for Gabriel Foucauld. It finds its origins in 1533. It was constructed on the positioning of the fortress of XIIe century, itself rebuilt between 1407 and 1409. This citadel was restored on the finish of the XVIe century, on the expense, it’s stated, of d’Aumont, who had ravaged it twice on the head of a troop of Leaguers.

In 1605, the citadel hosted Henri IV for one night time; in 1666, will probably be the flip of the Grande Mademoiselle, who evokes her transient keep in a couple of strains in her Memoirs.

In 1768, the citadel handed into the fingers of the Marquis Doublet de Persan (shut relative of the Foucaulds), who, ruined, needed to promote it on the eve of the Revolution. Varied homeowners then succeeded one another and uncared for its upkeep. In 1860, the brand new proprietor was compelled to hold out a restoration ofcollectively (In set concept, a set intuitively designates a set…) and even has to fully rebuild a collapsed tower.

It’s a non-public citadel which is classed Monument (Totally different international locations have chosen to categorise their historic monuments beneath totally different designations.) by order of Might 9, 1946.


The Château de Saint-Germain-BeauprĂ© is constructed on a pentagonal plan, with a one-storey major constructing on the bottom ground and enormous round towers on the corners. Solely the doorway pavilion, the principle constructing, three giant towers and a small one stay. The fortifications encompass large moats surrounding the citadel platform and battlements (The machicolations (etymologically “which permits to empty every little thing that crushes”) are…) brickwork on granite corbels.

The brick and stone portico on the entrance to the citadel is because of a restoration in XVIIe century.

L’ stairs (The staircase is an architectural building consisting of a collection…) vaulted inside which dates from XVIe century and was listed as a historic monument on August 7, 1941.

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