10 vegetables that clean it for a post-holiday detox

10 vegetables that clean it for a post-holiday detox

Our body is endowed with “eliminator” organs called emunctory are. Their role ? Maintain the functioning balance of our body. Like kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin the liver is an “exit door” for our body. It allows toeliminate all types of waste and residues that our body can storeespecially after a period of overeating.

Liver: an organ that is important to relieve

This organ – located in the abdominal cavity, under the right lung – is essential to life: it filters and purifies the blood. It also makes bile and most proteins. The liver also plays an important role in the balance of blood sugar levels (glycaemia) : it stores carbohydrates or releases them, when we need them. It manufactures lipoproteins (combination of lipids and proteins) allowing the transport of fats in our body.

The liver also plays an essential role for the proper functioning of the body: he destroys or transforms the drugs and toxins we consume (including alcohol). These are then eliminated by the bile, then in the stool or by the blood, and in the urine. Under these conditions, it is clear that the liver can suffer when you have an unhealthy lifestyle or an unbalanced diet. This is often the case throughout the holiday season, between Christmas and New Years!

Vegetables: boost detox through food

The liver plays a fundamental role in the neutralization of toxins and toxins from the body because this organ constantly detoxifies. This function of the liver is not always optimal: it depends on our genetic heritage, but also on our environment and our way of life. In particular, we can improve the detoxification carried out by the liver through our diet. The fact of e consume foods rich in magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B, C and E, iron, manganese and copper promotes elimination by the liver.

The micronutrient richness of our plate and the good health of our intestine and our microbiota are essential for the proper functioning of the liver. And therefore, consequently, to optimize its ability to eliminate our waste. “Certain vegetables are particularly interesting for detoxifying the liver. They can be eaten raw, steamed or in the form of juice, as part of a balanced diet,” notes Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist in Paris and Deauville and Medisite ambassador. The ideal being to make a cure of a week minimum to 20 days.

The 10 vegetables that cleanse the liver :

1 – The artichoke: rich in fiber and cynarin (antioxidant), the leaves have a choleretic activity: they stimulate the production of bile, detoxify the liver. They are used in herbal tea or in the form of concentrates (phytotherapy).

2 – Cucumber: This vegetable cleanses the liver and kidneys, thanks to the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals it contains. “Cucumber also has draining properties”notes Raphael Gruman.

3 – The lawyer: He helps liver detoxification and proper digestive function “because it contains glutathione: a molecule that helps fight against toxins”. “The avocado also contributes to helping the body to eliminate alcohol”, specifies Raphaël Gruman.

4 – Beets:Beetroot, very good for the heart, also cleanses the liver thanks to its antioxidant properties and the fibers it contains.

5 – Cabbage: its sulfur content helps purify the liver of liver toxins.

6 – Leek: Rich in fibre, vitamins and potassium, leek has diuretic properties and helps us eliminate toxins. Leek can be eaten in the form of broth. Leek cooking water is a diuretic and slimming drink.

7 – Endive: it contains a lot of water and minerals which make it an excellent diuretic, helping to cleanse the liver.

8 – Squash : Rich in vitamin A and fibre, it can be eaten in the form of a soup.

9 – Asparagus: diuretic, she cleanses alcohol toxins accumulated in the liver.

10 – Black radish: Finally, another vegetable is a liver detoxifier: black radish. “It acts on the liver to help eliminate toxins. It activates the gallbladder which produces digestive acids. It can be eaten in soup or salad, cooked or raw”, concludes Raphaël Gruman.

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