2022 OOAQ Prize: the School of Speech Therapy and Audiology stands out

2022 OOAQ Prize: the School of Speech Therapy and Audiology stands out

The Order of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists of Quebec (OOAQ) annually recognizes the excellence of the work of its members. Three members of the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Montréal have distinguished themselves through an inspiring achievement, an extraordinary commitment to the community or a remarkable professional career.

Cardozo Coderre Prize

The Cardozo-Coderre awards recognize the social and pre-professional commitment of graduates in speech therapy or audiology from a Quebec university.

Graduate in speech therapy from the School of Speech Therapy and Audiology of the Faculty of Medicine, Camille d’Anjou was rewarded for her involvement in various speech therapy projects, such as the Practice your voice exercises for patients with Parkinson’s disease and a project where theater is used to treat stuttering. Thanks to her ability to rally people, she also helped set up a welcome activity for new recruits to her program.

A graduate in audiology from the School of Speech Therapy and Audiology, Karina Moïn-Darbari won this award for her volunteer work in various organizations. Having first been involved in the Auditory Neuroscience Research Laboratory of the University of Montreal, she then became president of the Student Day in Audiology 2021 and participated in the creation of popular videos on health. children’s hearing, broadcast in Haiti and in African countries.

The two winners received a work of art by Quebec artist Jason Goldsmith as well as a scholarship equivalent to their first membership fee to the Order.

OOAQ-REPAR research partnership grant

The research program of the OOAQ and the Provincial Research Network in Adaptation-Rehabilitation (REPAR) of the Quebec Research Fund – Health aims to encourage a research project in speech therapy and another in audiology.

Brigitte Stanké, associate professor at the School of Speech Therapy and Audiology, received this grant together with speech therapists Évelyne Moreau and Marie-Laure Filion for the project Standardization and validation of a multiple-measurement early screening test. The three winners share a sum of $15,000.

Source: OAQ.

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