425,000 people in Belgium will be asked to renew their driving license

425,000 people in Belgium will be asked to renew their driving license

The operation to replace driving licenses is taking place. Drivers whose license is about to expire, that is to say after a period of ten years, will be asked to renew the document.

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LDrivers whose driving license in the European format expires or is about to expire after the ten-year validity period will receive a letter from the FPS Mobility inviting them to renew the document, the Minister for Mobility, Georges Gilkinet, in response to a question from Vincent Scourneau (MR).

Laminated permits in the format of an identity card are valid for ten years. They were introduced in 2013. Next year, the validity of the first copies will therefore expire. From 2023, some 425,000 people will receive an invitation to renew their driving licence. In addition, by 2033, paper permits will have to be replaced by a permit in European format. The millions of holders of this permit in paper format will be gradually invited to replace it from next year in order to avoid an administrative bottleneck in 2032.

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In order to facilitate the procedures, a “Beldrive” application will be set up to allow online requests. Information relating to the new highway code will also be communicated at the same time as the reminders.

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