5 common sense naturopathic tips for getting through the winter

5 common sense naturopathic tips for getting through the winter

1. Hydration.

We think less about staying hydrated in winter! Yet water nourishes your cells and cleanses toxins. Poor hydration affects the effectiveness of the immune system but also the health of the skin. For optimal functioning of the body, start the day with a glass of water at 38 degrees upon waking, then drink temperate water with low mineral content throughout the day, preferably between meals. Prefer biocompatible water: dry residue at 180° < 50 mg (indicated on the label) or Wotoday reverse osmosis filtered water. Be careful, coffee, tea and diuretic herbal teas dehydrate!

2. Food rich in micronutrients.

Food carries essential micronutrients for the body’s vital reactions. To preserve your immune system, avoid processed foods that destroy micronutrients and eat foods that are rich in them every day. Seasonal vegetables at each meal, preferably of organic and local quality; fresh aromatic herbs; germinated seeds ; seasonal fruits 30 minutes before or between meals; fats rich in omega 3 such as oily fish, small fish, oilseeds, eggs, camelina oils, nuts, rapeseed.

3. Nasal hygiene.

We only think of it during an ENT infection or allergies! Beyond providing oxygen, the nose warms, humidifies and filters the air by trapping pathogens, pollutants and allergens in the nasal mucus so that they do not enter the lungs! To preserve this nasal microbiota, defender of respiratory infections, use Quinton Isotonic Nasal Spray daily. Made from cold-filtered seawater by microfiltration, it preserves the vital properties of seawater micronutrients that are biocompatible with your cells. Exists in pediatric version and hypertonic for infections.

4. Natural vitamin D.

Bone health, growth, immunity, melatonin secretion… Vitamin D is synthesized physiologically every day under the action of UVB rays in the skin. Supplementation: the flash megadose of 100,000 or 200,000 IU is not physiological or effective in the long term and contains excipients. The vitamin D obtained by lanolin irradiation comes from the wool of factory-farmed sheep. Prefer daily exposure to moderate sunlight and physiological supplementation with cod liver oil or supplementation with medical monitoring. La Royale cod liver oil.

5. Her winter must-haves.

Use nature’s treasures to boost your immune defences! Bee products: 21-day cures of unfrozen pollen, unheated raw honey, propolis in spray form. Propolis is a clever mixture of tree resin, wax and pollen chewed by the bee, with wonderful antiseptic and antimicrobial power. Herbal teas: thyme, a natural antibiotic and fresh ginger, immunostimulating and warming. My essential oil for the prevention of winter infections: saro, 2 drops on the lymph nodes of the neck in the morning.

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