a brand new protocol of 5 days of radiotherapy as a substitute of 5 weeks

a brand new protocol of 5 days of radiotherapy as a substitute of 5 weeks

The system compacts in a single morning the preparation instances which may very well be unfold over 2 to three weeks. How is it potential ?

Dr. Sofia Rivera: Certainly, the primary morning is dedicated to preparatory work and you’ll observe up immediately with the primary ray session proper after. It is a enormous time saving, possible because of the dedication of your entire division and a reorganization in any respect ranges. As a result of the groups have to be obtainable on the proper time.

It’s also achievable because of technological advances and synthetic intelligence. This, for instance, is used to cut back the time spent by caregivers on tedious and time-consuming duties akin to contouring (which consists of finding the volumes to be handled), the semi-automation of the dosage arrange by our groups of physicists, for its half, is accelerating dosimetry.

Will we lose precision by going by way of the machines?

Dr. Sofia Rivera: Under no circumstances, quite the opposite. The machine doesn’t exchange people, it saves time and effectivity, as a result of the parameters are so advantageous that the margins of error are significantly lowered. The docs intervene to validate; the talents of every – carer and machine – are used optimally.

Will we not lose effectivity both?

Dr. Sofia Rivera: No, for a number of causes. This radiotherapy is hypofractionated, however in the long run the organic dose (…)

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