A cinnamon rolls bar opens for the first time in Brussels

A cinnamon rolls bar opens for the first time in Brussels

Aaah… the cinnamon roll! This recipe, stolen from the Scandinavians (better known there under the name Kanelbullar), has become the ultra popular delicacy in North America and then here. On the menu ? A cinnamon roll covered with sugar pearls in Sweden, and rather spread with icing in the States. Among the Swedes, it is presented as the perfect sweet break during the Fika, this famous hour of the break placed under the sign of sharing and conviviality during which you have your coffee. Good news for the people of Brussels who are fans of this pastry, a new cinnamon rolls bar is coming to the capital.

The guilty pleasure of Pierre Marcolini:

have a roll

The address was already well established with our Flemish neighbours, in Ghent and Antwerp. The vegan cinnamon rolls brand Have a Roll is now coming to Brussels in February. The concept ? Offer cinnamon buns, like you can find in London or New York, freshly made by hand every morning, and completely vegan and gluten-free.

In total, Have a Roll offers nine different kinds of rolls, seven that almost never change and two new flavors each month. Nicknamed the “Monthly Specials”, their flavor changes with the seasons. For example, we can currently taste the Red Velvet Roll which recalls the spirit of the holidays with its “rich red velvet dough with a vanilla icing on top and crispy sugar pearls” or the “Chocolate Roll” , a cinnamon roll dipped in hot chocolate icing. On the side, you can taste classic cinnamon rolls all year round, with apples, caramel, walnuts or even a Belgian version with speculoos. Did it make your mouth water? It’s coming in February!


Where ? 4, Rue du Bailli, 1050 Ixelles

When ? Starting February 4th.


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