A gang of pimps arrested in Brussels for prostituting minors: this is not the first time

A gang of pimps arrested in Brussels for prostituting minors: this is not the first time

These are young men who forced vulnerable young girls into prostitution, after having registered them on the Red Light District website, already cited in many other cases of prostitution of minors.

A denunciation started the investigation

The ‘morals’ section of the Local Research of the Brussels-Capital/Ixelles police zone carried out a series of searches on January 9, in the context of a case of prostitutionI explained the area. The case involved young men using runaway underage girls to trick them into prostitution. This phenomenon is booming and is known as ‘teen pimps’. This gang posted and managed job postings on the Red Light District website, moving girls from one rented location to another in order to pitch them to potential clients.“, she detailed.

Still according to the police, it was on the basis of a denunciation that an investigation was opened. “This gave rise to several searches, at the end of which two people were arrested and already placed under arrest warrant by the investigating judge. A third suspect has been arrested and released on conditions“, said the local police again.

The “Fuel Gang” trial in 2021

This phenomenon of “teen pimps” is still growing, according to the police. He was even at the heart of a trial in June 2021 before the Brussels Criminal Court. Sentences of 3 to 11 years in prison had been pronounced against 12 people accused of exploiting the debauchery of others.

The defendants, members of the “Fuel gang”, an urban band well known to the justice services, were prosecuted for having forced young girls, minors, to prostitute themselves on their behalf.

The investigation into this file dates back to January 2020. An investigation was opened in Brussels after the disappearance of a 16-year-old minor in France. Clues and testimonies showed that she had arrived in Belgium and that she was forced into prostitution there. This had been sold for 2,000 euros by her own boyfriend to members of the “Fuel gang”.

On the night of January 4 to 5, 2020, the police found the missing girl in the basement of a house in Uccle. Several members of the “Fuel gang” have been arrested on suspicion of forcing and exploiting the debauchery of this minor and at least three others, after registering them on the Red Light District prostitution website.

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