“A judgment awaited by many farmers in the province of Luxembourg”

“A judgment awaited by many farmers in the province of Luxembourg”

One Sunday in July 2018, his neighbor, a Fleming who has a second residence in this small Ardennes town, is overwhelmed by the noise made by the farmer. He tries to make her understand, in Dutch, that it is forbidden to mow on Sundays. The farmer, he knows very well that he is within his rights and that he has the right to work in the field on Sunday. Things are getting worse. And the farmer ends up giving a slap or a punch (the versions diverge) to the vacationer.

Slap or punch, it doesn’t matter criminally. Prevention remains that of blows and injuries.

A blow that could cost the farmer dearly

This story, we have already told you about it. No judgment has yet been rendered. The debates were reopened by judge André Jordant inviting the lawyers to plead on the crossing of a fence by the holidaymaker, and the violation or not of private property.

For the lawyer of the vacationer, Me Lieven Van Besien, it is clear that his client has not crossed the fence. What refutes Me Alexandre Mignon, who defends the farmer. “The paramedics found him in the field, beyond the fence “. He therefore pleads the acquittal of his client.

The victim reports a concussion, tinnitus and 4 months of incapacity for work. What the defense disputes. If the farmer were to be found criminally guilty, it could cost him very dearly in civil terms.

Judgment is expected on January 17.

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