A nice shot for the Super Bowl: the characters of M&M’s have not said their last word | Unusual

A nice shot for the Super Bowl: the characters of M&M’s have not said their last word | Unusual

False alarm: M&M’s characters are set to stay. The brand has confirmed that the report that the famous candy will no longer appear in its ads is actually part of a Super Bowl “set-up” that will be “resolved” on game day.

The information had made the rounds of the media at the beginning of the week. After various controversies launched by the American conservative right, which judges the M&M’s characters politicized, the brand announced that it would no longer use them for “an indefinite time”. The animated creatures were to be replaced by the actress and comedian Maya Rudolph.

A clip posted to M&M’s social media shows the star making brand changes, including adding a picture of her face to the candy’s outer shell and changing the name from M&M’s to Ma & Ya’s.

Since then, other teasers have also hinted at the mascots’ new jobs. Jaune, one of the emblematic characters of the brand, would have applied to become a spokesperson for Snickers, while Orange will work for Spotify. In short, the whole thing looks like a great advertising campaign. And the brand confirmed it.

In a statement, M&M’s announced that Maya Rudolph will star in the North American Football League Finals spot this year. She will use her “comedic talents and captivating personality to help M&M’s pursue its mission to create a world where everyone belongs.”

The campaign is part of a pre-game media stunt to help consumers get to know confectionery spokespersons better, said Jessica Adelman, vice president of corporate affairs and communications for Mars Wrigley, parent company of M&M’S.

“They all have unique and interesting personalities and having them appear in interesting places pursuing their own interests helps the world get to know them better,” she explained. “People love them, but as a team. They are also really powerful individually.” According to Ms. Adelman, other M&M’s characters will start making appearances pursuing new ventures. Bleu should thus work for the American channel ESPN.

Good idea?

In the columns of CNN, Lauren Labrecque, associate professor of marketing at the University of Rhode Island, had already predicted the return of chocolate mascots. “I think they’re going to bring the characters back, probably within a year, if not even sooner,” she said. A way, according to her, to erase the controversies. “When they come back, people – especially M&M’s fans – will all have forgotten about the controversy and be very welcoming.”


Why M&M’S Characters Will Disappear From Ads

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