a paying fall-guys and less well

a paying fall-guys and less well

While Fall Guys recently landed on Nintendo Switch in a totally free version, Nintendo decided to counterattack by releasing Kirby’s Dream Buffet. No need to procrastinate, the game clearly plays on the tones of Mediatonic’s battle royale. Often imitated, never equaled, Nintendo’s game will not overshadow Fall Guys. Not everything is to be thrown away, but the proposal is weak.

We turn arround

In Kirby’s Dream Buffet, the concept is simple: it will take four rounds to win. At least it will generally be obstacle courses to hurtle down (two out of four events) on the theme of food, and in which it will be necessary to stuff yourself to have the biggest Kirby. And the problem lies precisely there: we quickly turn in circles. Because the mini-games are limited and do not offer truly diversified gameplay. So we end up doing the same thing over and over again.

The title does not lack good ideas and is ultimately effective in what it offers. It even provides a little pleasure because there is a strange desire to come back to it: you always want to play a game again to constantly finish first. It is therefore a game suitable for evenings with friends for a short game. Problem, the number of local players is limited… to two!

For those who prefer longer sessions (and with more players), there are much better games of the genre in the catalog (Mario Party, to name a few). Online, it’s hard to compete with Fall-Guys, which has years of experience under its belt and therefore greater diversity in what it offers.


It’s hard to understand why Nintendo wanted to offer this kind of game. Located halfway between a Mario Party and a Fall-Guys, Kirby’s Dream Buffet ultimately does everything less well. We are not having a bad time but, even at 14.99 euros, it lacks too many things. For now.

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