a serious consciousness marketing campaign for the early prognosis of coronary heart failure

a serious consciousness marketing campaign for the early prognosis of coronary heart failure

Nevertheless, it’s insufficiently recognized to seniors, as highlighted by a BVA examine performed in June 2022 for Well being Insurance coverage. Solely 19% of them can spontaneously cite one of many 4 warning indicators of coronary heart failure – uncommon shortness of breath, fast weight acquire, edema of the toes and ankles and extreme fatigue.

Current in isolation, these 4 signs aren’t particular to the illness, however their affiliation or their current prevalence ought to recommend coronary heart failure.

These 4 indicators are to be watched, particularly after 60 years and specifically for individuals already identified as a result of they characterize an aggravation of the illness which might result in decompensation, and even hospitalization.

In any case, it’s essential to get nearer to your physician as quickly as potential in order that the prognosis is confirmed as quickly as potential and therapy initiated.

To ensure that this situation or its aggravation to be detected as quickly as potential, the Well being Insurance coverage is launching, on September 25, a nationwide consciousness marketing campaign on coronary heart failure and its warning indicators.

Whereas the vast majority of seniors surveyed by BVA (94%) know coronary heart failure by identify, practically half (45%) have no idea what this illness is. That is misunderstood each for the potential of stopping it and for its incurable nature: solely 40% of seniors are conscious that it can’t be cured and solely half know that it may be prevented. look.

As well as, they wrestle to establish its warning indicators: if shortness of breath (83%) and fatigue (82%) are effectively designated as signs of the illness, edema (62%) and fast weight acquire ( 26%) are a lot much less so.

Solely 3 out of 5 seniors would seek the advice of their physician in the event that they observed fast weight acquire (61%) whereas practically 9 out of 10 are effectively conscious that this can be a downside. Furthermore, they declare that they don’t systematically focus on the prevalence of certainly one of these signs with their physician (relying on the symptom, between 56 and 68% fail to say it every time).

Lastly, on common, medical doctors point out the warning indicators of coronary heart failure with simply over 1/3 of their sufferers over 60 (36%).

Just a few days earlier than World Coronary heart Day on September 29, L’Assurance Maladie will deploy a nationwide consciousness marketing campaign carried by the slogan “Coronary heart failure: what in case your coronary heart was attempting to inform you one thing?” “.

It goals to enhance data of coronary heart failure, warning indicators and thus
promote early prognosis, by encouraging sufferers to speak about it with their physician.

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