a sound and light show pays homage to Call of Duty

a sound and light show pays homage to Call of Duty

Tom BetGeorge has brought some Christmas spirit to Call of Duty fans. He created a show for the end of the year celebrations devoted to the license of shooting games to be moved between two games.

It is a well-known YouTube channel for Christmas fans. At the end of each year, Tom BetGeorge publishes videos of his sound and light shows on the platform. But this year, Santa Claus has given way to Captain Price. The iconic character of Call of Duty launches the latest staging of the videographer, dedicated to the shooting video game license.

With his drones, Tom BetGeorge has managed to distill some Christmas spirit among fans of the war game series. In the choreography he imagined, the drones draw in the sky elements specific to Call of Duty: throwing knives, weapon packages, helicopters, not to mention the Task Force 141 logo. This team bringing together the best fighters is at the heart of the franchise’s most famous opuses, including the latest episode: modern warfare 2.

300 drones, 400 light stakes

For his streak Call of Dutythe videographer has programmed 300 drones with his teams, as well as 400 light stakes. To complete the show, eight spark machines and two flame machines have also been added to best match the shapes and sounds from the game.

Passionate about this type of representation, Tom BetGeorge made it his job by creating the company Magical Lights Shows. It thus offers equipment, but above all stagings for sale. Everyone can reproduce these shows at home, provided they have the appropriate equipment.

Otherwise, there are YouTube videos. Besides, if you don’t like the saga Call of DutyTom BetGeorge imagined a sequence around the film Charm from Disney. And if it’s Christmas that worries you, stagings have also been programmed for Halloween around the series stranger things or the movies Ghostbusters.

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