“A two-ball flirting technique”: how Francky Vincent seduced his companion

“A two-ball flirting technique”: how Francky Vincent seduced his companion

"A two-ball flirting technique": how Francky Vincent seduced his girlfriend

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For five years now, Francky Vincent has been in a relationship with a young woman named Aziza. Twenty-one years separate the two lovers, who now live in a large house in Picardy with the singer’s children.

But before spinning the perfect love, Francky Vincent has (a lot) worked to conquer the heart of his dear and tender. It is in the columns of Parisian of this Sunday, December 25 that Aziza recounts the stormy road from their meeting to their life together.

“I did not know him”

When she met at a party in Paris, Aziza didn’t really fall for Francky. “I was in the middle of a divorce, I didn’t have the head for that. And then you’ll laugh, I didn’t know him”she says. The singer spots her and sets out to seduce her. “The first evening, he made me a two-ball flirting technique by taking a picture of us and wanting to send it to me. I gave him my professional number”she remembers.

Witnesses to this awkward flirtation warn the young woman: “Be careful, he’s a seducer”. But “no risk”, the singer is not “his style”then answers the one for whom the age difference is first “crippling”.

“He never gives up”

But this one-way feeling does not slow Francky Vincent who contacts her again afterwards: a seduction operation begins. “He invited me to lunch several times, I said no, he really insisted. I said to myself: ‘He doesn’t give up, take the time to meet him’…”she then details.

Aziza finally gives Francky Vincent a chance and discovers who is hiding “behind the character”: “someone good, whole“. From now on, on his Instagram account, the singer regularly writes fiery declarations to his companion. A last chance which has therefore borne fruit (of passion)!

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