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Actor Sofiane Bennacer indicted for rape and violence against several former companions | People

Actor Sofiane Bennacer indicted for rape and violence against several former companions | People

Actor Sofiane Bennacer was indicted in October in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) for the alleged rapes of two former companions and violence against a third. Revelation of Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi’s latest film, “Les Amandiers”, released in November, the actor “contests everything”, the magistrate told AFP, confirming information from the newspaper Le Parisien.

“There were two indictments for acts of rape” on two ex-companions as well as a third “indictment for violence against a spouse”, specified the prosecutor of Mulhouse, where the case is being investigated.

As part of a fourth complaint filed by another ex-companion who denounced acts of rape, he was placed under the more favorable status of assisted witness, said Ms. Roux-Morizot.

The 25-year-old actor was placed under judicial supervision, continued the prosecutor, adding that his prosecution had initially requested his placement in pre-trial detention. He is forbidden to go to Paris and the Paris region, to Strasbourg as well as to Mulhouse. According to the magistrate, he is also prohibited from meeting the complainants and witnesses, including Ms. Bruni-Tedeschi, heard as a witness in the case. The latter would be the partner of the actor, according to Le Parisien.


The alleged facts would have occurred “between 2018 and 2019” in Mulhouse, Strasbourg and Paris, and the alleged victims evolve “in the world of theater”, adds Edwige Roux-Morizot.

According to Le Parisien, one of the complainants claims that the actor allegedly abused her behind the scenes at the La Filature theater school in Mulhouse. The alleged victims “describe an affair under the influence, during which non-consensual relations would have taken place”, affirms the daily.

The National Theater of Strasbourg (TNS), where Sofiane Bennacer had been admitted to school in 2019, had seized the Ministry of Culture of the facts “of sexist, sexual violence and harassment of which she had been informed”, continues the newspaper . The ministry then made a report to the courts, said Roux-Morizot, without specifying the date.

Asked Tuesday evening by AFP, the TNS could not be reached immediately.

Sofiane Bennacer is one of sixteen actors (and sixteen actresses) selected in mid-November as “emerging talent” by the Revelations Committee of the Académie des César. This list is sent “for information” to members of the Academy as part of their vote for the 2023 Césars for Best Female Hope and Best Male Hope.

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