After Lidl and Aldi, Colruyt unveils its version of the “ugly” Christmas sweater

After Lidl and Aldi, Colruyt unveils its version of the “ugly” Christmas sweater

New marketing phenomenon that surfs on “the ugly is the new beautiful” or a cocooning trend right in the theme of energy sobriety? Colruyt has just unveiled a new turtleneck sweater ideal for winter… but not sure if it will suit all skin tones.

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Colruyt unveils its first clothes

This is the Instagram post that is making the buzz right now. On its official Instagram account, the discount chain has just unveiled a photo of a turtleneck sweater in garish orange hues and a large Colruyt logo that has become “Coltruy” drawn on the chest. “Wow, we’re really hot for this super cool Colruyt sweater, how about you? So like this post and, who knows, we might have it made very soon”can we read in the caption. Thousands of “likes” were immediately collected, with several enthusiastic comments from Internet users: “I would put it on every day”, “Perfect for my colleagues who work in the fresh department”, “Let’s get this cool merchandise on the shelves asap”

Only downside, this model is not yet available on the shelves, although it will probably soon appear in all stores in Belgium. The idea came straight from the imagination of a Colruyt ambassador, Kristof Hoefkens, who tossed the image as a joke on Instagram. Colruyt immediately played the game, thanking the latter for this beautiful fashion inspiration. It remains to be seen if the brand will go through with its idea and produce this limited edition model to create a buzz.

The “schlag” is everywhere

Since the “schlag” became the new trend, hard discount brands compete in inventiveness to offer their own collection of clothing with sometimes dubious taste, but always with dazzling success. After Lidl and Aldi and their ugly Christmas sweaters, other brands have started to flirt with the codes of kitsch to create a buzz. Stib recently unveiled its sweaters with the image of all the most famous stations in Belgium. More recently, Bellerose teamed up with USG to release a highly desirable collab of the perfect supporter’s kit.

Yes, trying to get old fashioned has become trendy. And the more effort you make to show that you’re not making any effort, the more you seem to be in the right place. Today, it’s Colruyt’s turn to unveil its version of the “ugly Christmas sweater” or simply the most nonchalant winter turtleneck sweater. Be careful, however, not to match it with its Lidl sneakers or its Bellerose cotton socks with the effigy of the Union. We said “schlag”, not carnival.

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