AGESS calls on the population to end the stigmatization of children infected with HIV AIDS

AGESS calls on the population to end the stigmatization of children infected with HIV AIDS

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, the Action structure for a generation of children without AIDS (AGESS) organized a press conference on the theme: “The importance of the media in the fight against the stigmatization of infected children by HIV AIDS”, with a view to facilitating access to treatment for infected children.

This year, the celebration of the day dedicated to people tested HIV positive is celebrated under the theme “Ann kontinye travay pou tout moun gen menm dwa”. Along with the various organizations, AGESS, during a training session, invited members of the population to take part in the fight for the eradication of this virus.

In the opinion of Action for a Generation of Children Without AIDS, discrimination is one of the barriers that prevent pregnant women from going to hospitals for treatment in order to protect their fetuses from HIV infection. AIDS.

In addition, the structure says that the therapeutic process of infected children is often interrupted because of the acts of difference that they are victims of and to deal with this kind of situation it calls for the support of all members of the population to promote a climate of trust for the infected so that they can continue their treatment peacefully.

In particular, AGESS asks press workers to contribute to the training and education of the population on the mode of transmission of the disease so as to no longer discriminate against patients, but also to sensitize those who are already infected to continue treatment. .

For the organization, this day is an ultimate opportunity to show our support for those who live with the virus and says that it is necessary to take advantage of it to propose lines of thought on all the preventive measures that we should to adopt in the face of this disease and also how to live with it if one is already infected.

In addition, the coordinator of AGESS says she is waiting for the support of the press to stop the stigmatization which is a censorship for the infected and which is often one of the causes which lead more easily to the aggravation or death of the latter.

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