Agreement on the extension of nuclear power: Georges-Louis Bouchez evokes a delay of “a few hours”

Agreement on the extension of nuclear power: Georges-Louis Bouchez evokes a delay of “a few hours”

This weekend again, negotiations continued between the government and Engie. Several questions must be decided, including the date of restarting the two reactors, the distribution of costs and the calculation and distribution of the final bill for the dismantling of nuclear power plants and the management of radioactive waste.

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Lhe president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, hinted on Sunday that an agreement between the federal government and the French energy group Engie on the 10-year extension of the life of the two newest reactors in the Belgian nuclear fleet was close.

“We are a few hundred meters from an agreement with Engie for the extension of two reactors”, he said at a congress of the Reform Movement on the site of the former Bois du Cazier coal mine in Marcinelle. (Charleroi) launching a provincial greeting tour of French-speaking Liberals.

Mr. Bouchez mentioned a delay of “a few hours” for the conclusion of this agreement, the subject of long negotiations led on the federal side by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open Vld) and the Minister of Energy, Tinne Van der Straeten (Green),

“The agreement that is showing up is the fruit of our work” (to us reformers), added the president of the MR to several hundred liberal activists, representatives and ministers.

He made very similar remarks from the same place, but broadcast during the program De Zevende dag of the Flemish public channel VRT, speaking of “a few centimeters, a few hours” before an agreement.

“It was high time,” he said. “The deadline was December 31, today is December 39,” quipped Mr. Bouchez.

He stressed that the agreement should be balanced and that Engie will bear part of the costs of extending these two reactors – the two most recent, Tihange 3 and Doel 4 – out of the seven in Belgium, all of which are in operation. by Engie Electrabel.

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