“AIDS Revolution”, an urgent documentary to watch

“AIDS Revolution”, an urgent documentary to watch

The documentary “Revolution AIDS”, by Frédéric Chaudier is useful. It takes stock of one of the most devastating pandemics of the end of the 20th century, which is still relevant today. A point that could turn into a fist in the mouths of the unconscious who spread the air of “Yippee!, it’s under control, we no longer die of AIDS”. Except that if!

Admittedly, in our western countries the scourge is relatively under control, but elsewhere the carnage is taking its course. The documentary opens with a chilling statistic: today there are between 34 and 44 million patients with HIV and half do not have access to treatment. These figures come from UNAIDS, but they are probably underestimated and have undoubtedly worsened since the Covid-19 crisis. This amazement motivated Frédéric Chaudier to realize AIDS Revolutiona global odyssey of horror that visits many countries (notably South Africa), even those where, on the question of AIDS, it is not good to set foot in the dish, at the risk, otherwise, that we cut them off for you.

Case in point, the Chinese stage which documents a mind-blowing affair of contaminated blood. Between 1992 and 2005, in poor provinces (including Henan), blood was traded and it was often contaminated. Omerta from local and national authorities, contamination rhyming in their eyes with homosexuality, a subject more than taboo in China, especially for men, a queer son being considered cursed, incapable of procreating.

The story frames with modesty simple people, workers, peasants, sick or who have lost loved ones. It is obviously not a question of overpowering them for their “irresponsibility”. In these deprived regions, blood donation was paid for the equivalent of 7 euros, for many the amount of a salary. The Chinese authorities end up taking an interest in the curiosity of Frédéric Chaudier and his team, who were forced to decamp as quickly as possible.

The responsibility of public health policies in question

The same sadness in Russia where, all in “schemes”, the filmmaker was able to meet very courageous activists who all bear witness to the same catastrophe orchestrated by Putin’s government: the elimination of AIDS through the eradication of those who have it. Fines, prison, refusal of care. On the side of democracies, AIDS Revolution also questions certain shortcomings in public health policies, in France or in the United States, and many ambiguities on the role of large pharmaceutical companies.

An ever-relevant documentary

The documentary was completed in early 2020. However, its relevance remains absolute because, since then, especially in Russia, the situation has worsened: on November 24, a new law, toughening that of 2013 which prohibited the “propaganda“LGBTQIA+ with minors, now prohibited from”promote non-traditional sex” in the media, on the Net, in books or films. Non-traditional? The understatement is sweet, but the consequence is more than harsh. As an Act up slogan put it: “Silence=Death”. AIDS Revolution talk to us.

AIDS Revolution by Frédéric Chaudier, in theaters November 30.

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