all about andropause, menopause in males

all about andropause, menopause in males

Menopause remains to be a taboo section for girls, however males may also be affected by this era of life. That is referred to as andropause. Visitor of the present Nicely carried out for you Tuesday, Physician Jean-Marc Bohbot, andrologist, takes inventory of this organic phenomenon on the microphone of Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez. The specialist in feminine and male genital infectiology on the Institut Fournier in Paris first explains that not all males are essentially affected by andropause.

“In contrast to menopause, which is necessary for girls, andropause will not be necessary for males,” he mentioned on Europe 1.

A lower in testosterone ranges

Physician Jean-Marc Bohbot provides that “from the age of 40-45, there’s a lower in testosterone ranges in all males. This lower is extremely variable from one particular person to a different, relying on the genetics, or based on a sure variety of pathologies resembling weight problems, liver illness, and many others”. When this fee “actually reaches a really restricted threshold, signs happen”, warns the physician, and that is the start of the andropause section.

The totally different signs of andropause

Concretely, that is manifested “by libido issues, that’s to say that there is no such thing as a extra sexual want, there is no such thing as a extra morning erection”, signifies the andrologist. Additionally, “there may be every part that may be present in girls, that’s to say scorching flashes, issues with reminiscence loss, adjustments with the lack of muscle mass, after which the event belly fats,” he says. One may encounter “a roughly depressive facet which accompanies the drop in testosterone”.

What remedy for this phenomenon?

Confronted with this organic phenomenon, remedies exist. “When the dosed testosterone may be very low, we will complement with testosterone injections or a gel, which permits us to reboost all this a bit of”, assures the specialist in feminine and male genital infectiology.

Based on the specialist web site Santé Journal, andropause stays a minority phenomenon. About 2.1% of males undergo from it, and this statistic will depend on age. They’re 0.1% to develop andropause between 40 and 49 years previous, and 5.1% between 70 and 79 years previous.

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