Alleged corruption in the European Parliament: Eva Kaili in confession, Marc Tarabella again cited in the case

Alleged corruption in the European Parliament: Eva Kaili in confession, Marc Tarabella again cited in the case

The investigation continues into the corruption scandal within the European Parliament. Former vice-president Eva Kaili is said to have made a confession while Belgian socialist Marc Tarabella is again cited in this case.

Every day his revelations in the alleged corruption case in the European Parliament. This time, they concern the central figure of this scandal: the Greek MEP Eva Kaili who partially confessed.

She finally confessed to having instructed her father to hide a large part of the cash in her home. His father had been arrested the day of the vast anti-corruption operation when he took refuge in the Sofitel of Brussels in Etterbeek with a suitcase containing 750,000 euros.

Eva Kaili admitted the activity of her companion Francesco Giorgi who himself admitted to being the cash manager in an alleged criminal organization financed by Qatar and Morocco and which allegedly tried to infiltrate Parliament European. The former vice-president of the European Parliament says that she saw money passing through their apartment: 150,000 euros were also found in their home.

The man considered to be the head of this organization which mixes money from Qatar and Morocco to influence the European Union is Pier Antonio Panzeri. 600,000 euros euros were discovered at his home.

And just like Francesco Giorgi, Antonio Panzeri denounces Marc Tarabella. He accuses her of having received gifts from Qatar. This new accusation is refuted by the lawyer of the Walloon MEP. Since the start of the affair, the socialist has maintained his position: he has received no gift and no sum of money from anyone. As a reminder, a search had been ordered at his home in Anthisnes on December 10th.

Finally, a new name and another European institution appear in this affair: Dimitris Avramopoulos and the European Commission. The former European Commissioner for Migration would have received a salary from the NGO Fight Impunity, created by Pier Antonio Panzeri: 60,000 euros between 2021 and 2022. He resigned from the advisory board of the NGO after learning of this corruption case.

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