An alternative majority to extend nuclear power? Bouchez says “no”, and reassures the partners of Vivaldi

An alternative majority to extend nuclear power? Bouchez says “no”, and reassures the partners of Vivaldi

A bill tabled by Marghem (MR) on the extension of nuclear reactors, signed by the N-VA and Défi, creates a stir in Vivaldi. Georges-Louis Bouchez reframes: “We are a loyal partner (…) there is no question of constituting an alternative majority”.

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Eme in the Vivaldi majority: the bill signed by Marie-Christine Marghem (MR) aimed at maintaining the nuclear fleet in Belgium in its entirety, not only is making its way through Parliament but, we learn in Timewas signed by N-VA elected officials and by François De Smet for Défi.

Question, therefore: if the text were to be submitted to the vote of Parliament in the coming weeks (in committee, first), we could see an “alternative majority” (alternative to Vivaldi, of course) , which would immediately cause a major political crisis, or even the fall of the government. In the Vivaldi coalition, several have already warned, among others Gilles Vanden Burre for Ecolo.

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Where we are ? Contacted by us, Georges-Louis Bouchez, president of the MR, throws water on the fire. Lots of water. He reframes: “We spoke about it with Marie-Christine Marghem, this text will not be “scheduled” for the work of the Chamber. A fortiori, it will not be put to the vote. I have already said it, I repeat it: for me, there can be no question of finding an alternative majority. It would be a mess. It’s not my way of working. I want us to move forward on the nuclear issue with the Vivaldi coalition, I’m working on it. As you know, negotiations are underway with Engie (Editor’s note: in principle regarding the extension of two reactors), and I would like things to go faster, it’s true, but above all I want them to evolve positively. and succeed”.

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Is the bill, at least, designed as a means of pressure in this context? Georges-Louis Bouchez: “No. This shows our determination to move forward. With the Vivaldi. We are a loyal partner. »

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