Anyway, Kyan Khojandi has hair (and he explains why) | Beauty

Anyway, Kyan Khojandi has hair (and he explains why) | Beauty

Known for his baldness, Kyan Khojandi has appeared in recent days on several television sets … with hair. A new hair look that inevitably aroused many reactions on social networks. In a video posted on Sunday, the comedian explains the reasons for this change, behind which there is actually a publicity stunt.

Her change of look did not go unnoticed. Kyan Khojandi, bald since he was 20, appeared hairy this Tuesday, December 6 on the set of Daily and Clique on Canal +. Thanks to the complicity of the presenters, the comedian never mentioned his new hair look. But on social networks, the comments have obviously rocketed.

Hair prosthesis

It was finally in a YouTube video that the actor spoke about it, explaining that it was a publicity stunt. Kyan Khojandi will launch a Zenith tour in January with his one-man show entitled “A good evening”. To hold the attention of the public, he had the good idea to ask a hair prosthesis. In his capsule, he details his idea and also takes the opportunity to denounce the mockery and disparaging comments towards bald people.

“In short, I went to Turkey”

“I recently wondered how to get people’s attention. And I remembered that I was bald. I lost them when I was 20 and it was very hard for me. (…) I wondered what would happen if, overnight, without telling anyone, I showed up with hair”, he says. “So I went to get my hair done.”

He then returns to the media frenzy after his appearance with hair. “And there, the strike: the tweets, people let loose in the comments, the stories ‘Anyway, I went to Turkey’, the comments of people who said that as a bald person, I had disappointed them. (…) Conclusion, when I have no hair, I have people who point it out to me, when I have hair, I have people who point it out to me”, observes the comedian.

As for those who wish to know if Kyan intends to keep this new hair, the comedian remains vague and tells them that to get an answer, you have to come see him on stage!


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