Apple hits a snag with satellite calls

Apple hits a snag with satellite calls

Apple encounters an obstacle in the integration of satellite communications on the iPhone 14. According to a reputable informant, this difficulty could force the firm to postpone the arrival of the functionality. However, all the hardware tests would have already been carried out.

As the presentation of the iPhone 14 is fast approaching, a plethora of rumors prophesies the arrival of satellite communications. Already popular last year before the release of the iPhone 13, the rumor was revived by Apple’s invitation for the keynote. You can actually see a constellation of stars in space. For some, the image confirms the entry into the scene of the option.

In a post published on MediumMing-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF Securities, also touched on the subject. He assures thatApple has completed hardware testing satellite connection for the launch of smartphones.

Satellite communication is one of the items tested on iPhone 14 before mass production, and Apple has done hardware testing for this feature well. explains Ming-Chi Kuo.

According to the analyst, the hardware development was already completed before the release of the iPhone 13. Initially, Apple had planned to integrate satellite communications on its previous generation of phones. That’s why rumors have been piling up over the past year. The Cupertino giant had finally changed its plans. The ” economic model of the service could not be negotiated with the telecommunications operators.

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Negotiations with telecommunications operators

For Ming-Chi Kuo, adding a satellite communication service on the iPhone 14 depends the ability of Apple and the operators to agree on the economic model”. Clearly, the Californian group must find a financial agreement with telecoms to be able to deploy the feature.

“It’s hard to predict precisely when the iPhone will offer satellite communication service, but I believe it will eventually happen”tempers the analyst.

According to him, Apple should work with a company that already has its own satellite communications network. If the rumors were confirmed, it would be GlobalStaran American company which benefits from a constellation of satellites. The firm has also announced that it has found a ” potential client » last February. To meet the needs of this mysterious customer, 17 additional satellites were purchased.

In the event that Apple works with GlobalStar rather than a carrier like T-Mobile or Verizon, the service could be billed separately to users. Telecoms would not have control over service billing. Asked by our colleagues from The Verge, Harold Feld, analyst at Public Knowledge, believes that this is a potential point of contention between Apple and the operators:

“They like to maintain the relationship with the customer and include everything on one invoice. If Apple makes this deal separately with Globalstar and they’re going to charge for the service separately, maybe that’s something that will be a point of contention with carriers.”.

Legally, there is nothing preventing Apple from adding this satellite communications service to the iPhone 14, without having to negotiate with the operators. The analyst, however, thinks that Apple will do everything to avoid alienating telecom operators and maintain good business relations ».

At the latest news, the satellite communication service would be reserved for emergency calls and texts. The feature would be directly integrated into the Messages app as a third communication protocol, in addition to traditional SMS and iMessages.

Anyway, Apple will announce the iPhone 14 from Wednesday, September 7, 2022. Except surprise, the brand will also present a range of Apple Watch Series 8 during the keynote.

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