Apple sales: the Watch Series 7 is less than €500!

Apple sales: the Watch Series 7 is less than €500!

Good deal news Apple sales: the Watch Series 7 is less than €500!

It’s no secret that Apple is the market leader in smartwatches. With the Watch Series 7, the Apple brand offers a high quality model with notable innovations. The smartwatch is currently offered at €499 instead of €565 at Cdiscount!

Apple Watch Series 7: the connected watch loses €65 for the sales!

The Apple Watch Series 7 is certainly one of the most successful connected watches on the market. Right now for the sales, Cdiscount has a great offer for you today! The model in question is the 45 mm Green Aluminum colorway with Clover Sport Strap. The connected watch is displayed at €499 instead of €565!

This version gained significant innovations over the Series 6, such as an even larger Always Active Retina display, faster charging, and a more crack-resistant front crystal.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 at €499 at Cdiscount

Sales: the Apple Watch Series 7 drops below the €500 mark!

For those who use an iPhone, there is no better smartwatch option than the Apple Watch Series 7! It has all the main features you can expect from a full featured smartwatch.

Ultra-powerful, the Apple Watch Series 7 brings great innovations and generous features. In addition to supporting you in your sports activities, the smartwatch is able to carry out detailed monitoring of the user’s health, by collecting data on heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and sleep quality.

Apple Watch Series 7 comes with even thinner edges than its previous version, delivering a more modern and attractive design in a smartwatch that features an Always Active Retina Glass display that’s 50% thicker than the previous version.

There is also IP6X certification for water and dust resistance. With this, users can use it while doing any sport including water sports. The Apple Watch Series 7 is perfect for getting in shape, especially with the Apple Fitness+ service.

The connected watch receives notifications directly from your mobile phone and has alarm clock, timer, music player functions on Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. Plus, it comes with NFC for making payments through Apple Pay.

The Apple Watch Series 7 also allows access to GPS, making calls, sending messages, using Maps or the Wallet application. Moreover, thousands of applications are available in the App Store. In short, it’s much more than just a connected watch!

Right now, find the Apple Watch Series 7 at €499 at Cdiscount, losing €65 after a great promotion.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 at €499 at Cdiscount

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