Apple to compensate customers for MacBook butterfly keyboard

Apple to compensate customers for MacBook butterfly keyboard

Affected customers could receive between $50 and $395 in compensation.

It’s been seven years since the 2015 MacBook’s “new” butterfly keyboard scandal broke. The technology, sold as revolutionary at the time, then made it possible to reduce the key stroke and improve the stability of the keys. It also allowed Apple to reduce the size of the chassis of its new laptop to increase its finesse.

But the system is quickly declared infallible and is particularly sensitive to dust, causing a major malfunction of the keyboard. Many customers then complain about it on social networks and will ensue many cases in court.

For the first time, Apple has been officially condemned for this scandal, reveals 9To5Mac. A California court finally ruled in favor of the class action against Apple and thus allows the brand’s customers to be compensated. Unfortunately, the judgment only concerns customers in California, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York or even Washington who have had this type of MacBook repaired by Apple. They can then claim compensation of $50, $125 or $395 depending on the repair they have made.

If, as explained above, the judgment only concerns certain American customers, it could however open the way to other situations of the same type with us. Some customers, too, affected by the phenomenon and forced, at the time, to carry out repairs, could then hope for compensation.

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