“Are we only shocked?”: an SUV provokes anger in Liège

“Are we only shocked?”: an SUV provokes anger in Liège

The city of Liège, which has pledged to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030, has been mocked by Internet users in recent days. The cause? An electric car installed on a pedestrian, an arrangement whose cybernauts did not fail to point out the irony. “How to imagine the transition if Liège puts us in mind that the norm is to have a big car (even electric)?“, wonders Véronique Dembour, municipal councilor of Liège.

Are we only shocked?“, still laments someone. While we learned in mid-November that Liège Airport pollutes as much as a fifth of all Walloon road traffic, citizens question Liège’s commitment to the fight against climate change. “Of course, Liège is committed to the climate“, quips a surfer on Twitter.

Yet another underlines the irony of the situation by pointing to the presence of a radiator in the carport: “Are you having heating problems this winter? Come and warm up near the SUV (2.2 tonnes/€50,000) on display in the heart of the pedestrian area in Liège. Oh, you didn’t know that? It needs a 2400 watt heater..”, he wrote on Facebook.

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