asthma increases risk according to a study – La Nouvelle Tribune

asthma increases risk according to a study – La Nouvelle Tribune

Does asthma have a relationship with cardiovascular disease? This is confirmed by a study carried out by researchers from the University of Wisconsinto UNITED STATES. According to them, people with asthma are at risk of having a heart attack as well as strokes. The study was conducted on 5,000 adults with an average age of 61 years. They were divided into three parts, namely: people without asthma, those who had a history of the disease and who did not need medication.

A plaque on the carotid arteries of sick people

To these are added people who suffer from asthma and who are presented as needing medication on a daily basis. Researchers found that the carotid arteries of two-thirds of people with asthma had plaque. By taking into account several factors including weight, race, sex or age, scientists have also found that patients with asthma run twice the risk of having plaque in their carotid arteries. According to Dr. Matthew Tattersallcardiovascular expert at the University of Wisconsin who led the study said: “The most important message from our results is that higher forms of asthma are associated with more cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular events”.

Note that asthma results in an accumulation of plaque due to the high level of inflammation. This increases the risk of damage to blood vessels, promoting the formation of plaques. As a reminder, the results of this study come several years after another study had indicated that frequenting a farm would offer more protection against asthma. In 2015, researchers who had followed children living in this place, found that the dust of the farms, rich in germ, stimulates the lung cells and is likely to protect them from asthma and respiratory allergies.

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