Belgium crowned innovation champion at CES 2023

Belgium crowned innovation champion at CES 2023

Belgium has been represented since 2018 by the Walloon Agency for Exports and Foreign Investments (Awex) at the world’s leading technology fair. It was honored on stage during the inaugural session of CES, in front of a full house, just like 11 other countries and the European Union, which also received an “Innovation Champions Award”.

“It is a pleasure to honor Belgium as a champion of innovation”commented Gary Shapiro, CEO of CTA, the trade association representing America’s $505 billion consumer technology industry. “Belgium has adopted policies that unleash innovation and empower entrepreneurs who create technologies that improve the lives of millions of people”he noted.

The distinction granted Thursday is based on several objective criteria, including the welcome given by the authorities to disruptive technologies and business models, such as the sharing economy and autonomous driving vehicles. User-friendliness of the tax system, environmental protection and important factors such as broadband speed and cost were also considered. Diversity, the ratio of women to men in the workplace in major age demographic categories, immigrants as a share of the national population, and freedom of thought and expression have also influenced the awarding of this prize.

As Awex, present with 15 SMEs and start-ups in Las Vegas, points out, Belgian start-ups and scale-ups raised two billion euros in fresh capital in 2022, citing figures from finance&, “in a difficult and uncertain macroeconomic environment”.

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Gunther Sleeuwagen, Consul General in Los Angeles, was delighted to receive the award on behalf of Belgium. “This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize ‘made in Belgium’ technological innovation that combines its resources and creative thinking to find solutions to some of the questions and problems that most concern people in the United States and around the world. whole world.”

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