Blizzard outlines plans for Hearthstone esports in 2023 – Hearthstone

Blizzard outlines plans for Hearthstone esports in 2023 – Hearthstone

Blizzard outlines its plans for esports today Foyer in 2023 via an article published just now on the official website. On the program, Masters Tour and Lobby Legends, with a broadcast present on both Twitch and YouTube. Find all the details below!

This year will mark the TEN YEARS competition on Foyer. It’s time to prepare! This year, the festivities will be different, so let’s take stock of what will change for the esports of Foyer.

To prepare for the 2023 season, it was necessary to think about the best possible format for our competition program. Last fall, we started redesigning the esports system of Foyer entering its 10th year, balancing the realities of an ever-changing production landscape, adapting the size of the program to its audience, and determining the best way to enable players to compete. Although the 2023 program is more restricted, the competition on Foyershe promises to be once again exceptional. Players from all over the world will compete in the hope of winning the prizes and joining the Hall of Champions.

Seven events are planned this year, including three seasonal Masters Tour championships to qualify for the 2023 World Championship and three Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends tournaments. These competitions will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch!

Ranking position over 3-month periods will determine qualification for each of these events. Competitive Points will be awarded each month based on ranking, and the top 16 ranked players will compete in the Masters Tour and Lobby Legends. The four players with the most points earned in each region will receive an invite, followed by the four with the most total points earned regardless of region and whether invites have already been issued.

The exact dates of the competitions have not yet been fixed and will be communicated in the coming months.

Qualification period for the spring season: January to March

  • Masters Tour Spring Championship — April or May.
  • Battlegrounds Spring Championship: Lobby Legends — May.

Qualification period for the summer season: April to June

  • Masters Tour Summer Championship — August or September.
  • Battlegrounds Summer Championship: Lobby Legends — July or August.

Qualification period for the fall season: July to September

  • Masters Tour Fall Championship — November.
  • Battlegrounds Fall Championship: Lobby Legends — November.

As standalone events, Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends will have a prize pool of $50,000 each. Players will compete in standard mode to try to qualify for one of the eight places available for the 2023 World Championship and its $500,000 prize pool. The winners of each Seasonal Championship will qualify and will then be joined by the person with the most points in each region, and the two people with the most points in total regardless of region for the period January through November. . Consult the Official Masters Tour Rules of Hearthstone 2023 and Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends 2023 for more details.

We’ll have more details on event and qualifier dates in a few months, as well as broadcasts and viewing rewards. See you soon in the hostel!


Can we expect any viewing awards this year?

  • Yes, viewing rewards will be distributed in 2023. We will share more information about this before each broadcast.

Will the broadcasts be adapted to each region?

  • This is not expected to be the case at this time.

Why are there only three Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends tournaments?

  • We prefer to focus on one major Battlegrounds event for each expansion.

Why is there no prize money for the three Masters Tour events?

  • Since it will be possible to qualify for the World Championship directly through the ranking, we want to reward the most consistent and consistent players over the year.

Is this a sign that Hearthstone is on the decline?

  • The scale of esports Foyer is not related to the success of the game. We are very excited to share the future content of Foyer and current projects for the years to come.

Will it be possible to qualify for Masters Tour events in any other way?

Can I host or rebroadcast the Masters Tour and Lobby Legends programs?

  • People participating in esports events Foyer will be allowed to rebroadcast their performances on a delayed basis, unless Blizzard specifically objects. Designated community members will also be able to rebroadcast official PlayHearthstone programs. If you would like to apply to rebroadcast the programs, we will have more information on this in the future.

Will Hearthstone esports be canceled in 2024?

  • We currently have no information to share regarding the 2024 program.

Is it related to the low audience scores due to YouTube exclusivity over the past three years?

  • Our goal is to find the best balance between the costs of producing esports events and the size of the community interested in the competition.

Now that Hearthstone esports is streaming on Twitch, why not increase competition funding to remind players?

  • We can’t wait to see the Masters Tour return to Twitch and reunite with the public there. This new format ensures the sustainability of the program for the 10 years of e-sport Foyer.

Is the drop in the endowment linked to the loss of the Chinese partner NetEase?

  • No, we had started to rethink the format of the program even before knowing that the negotiations with NetEase would not succeed. As previously announced, the Chinese community matters to us and we are trying to find solutions so that the game can once again be available in China.

Can players residing in mainland China compete?

  • Players residing in mainland China will not be eligible to participate. Admission restrictions may be modified in the event of a new publishing partnership with mainland China. Admission requirements are listed in the Masters Tour and Lobby Legends rules.

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