Britney Spears “completely hysterical” during a restaurant outing: her husband comes to her defense | People

Britney Spears “completely hysterical” during a restaurant outing: her husband comes to her defense | People

This weekend, several American media claimed that Britney Spears had become “completely hysterical” during an outing to the restaurant with her husband Sam Asghari because of the customers who took her picture. But according to the singer’s husband, this whole story is completely false. “Don’t believe what you read in the media,” he wrote in an Instagram story.

According to information from Page Six, Britney Spears would have had a “nervous attack” this Friday, January 13 in a restaurant in Woodland Hills. Several witnesses would have seen the star make incoherent remarks and behave strangely. Also according to Page Six, the singer, furious to see that several customers were trying to take her picture, got up and started screaming. “She was completely hysterical,” said a witness in the columns of the American media. Britney would then have left the establishment “in a rush”, followed closely by Sam Asghari.

Her husband breaks the silence

Sam Asghari, husband of Britney Spears, wanted to defend the singer in the face of rumors relayed in the American press. “Don’t believe what you read online,” he wrote on his Instagram story. In video obtained by TMZ, Britney can be seen hiding her face behind a menu as a customer films her from across the room. She can also be seen sitting alone mumbling, before leaving the restaurant with her bodyguard.

A restaurant worker clarified to Page Six: “Britney wasn’t the problem, someone taunted her by taking a video of her without her consent. She was understandably upset.” The source went on to explain that her husband “only left briefly to pick up their car, but he didn’t rush off.”

“I was a little drunk”

Britney also reacted to the controversy by sharing a video on Instagram in which she gives the finger in front of the camera. This Sunday, January 15, the star wrote in the caption of a publication: “I know the media is excited by the fact that I was a little drunk in a restaurant… It is as if they were watching my every move ! I’m so flattered that they talk about me like crazy and have the balls to talk about all the negative things that happened in my past.”


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