Brock Lesnar had drawn the wrath at the Royal Rumble 2023

Brock Lesnar had drawn the wrath at the Royal Rumble 2023

It’s not because we are Brock Lesnar that we can do everything, that’s what we learn today via Fightful.

Indeed, some people ringside at the 2023 Royal Rumble Match weren’t ready for Brock Lesnar’s segment after he was eliminated. According to reports, the original plan was for Lesnar to be “angry,” but not so angry that he hurt a referee and threw a piece of the commentary table into the ring.

A situation that has drawn the wrath of officials on Brock Lesnar behind the scenes of WWE. It was not expected that Brock Lesnar would attack referee Eddie Orengo to the point of pushing him into the crowd. Orengo even suffered an injury to his foot. It’s currently impossible to know the severity of his injury, but he shared this snap backstage after being taken out of the game:

The original plan was for Orengo to do a spot near the end of the Rumble, so he couldn’t.

People behind the scenes weren’t happy with Lesnar’s behavior. On the other hand, no sanction was applied to him. And looking at referee Eddie Orengo’s social media, WWE Superstars seem to be having a good laugh at the situation in the commentary space with Finding Balor who is writing :

“Hahahahahahaha…. That’s what happens when you misbehave.’

Photo credit: WWE

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