Bruno Colmant: “Available in the market economic system, there is no such thing as a human challenge”. In the direction of the top of neoliberalism?

Bruno Colmant: “Available in the market economic system, there is no such thing as a human challenge”. In the direction of the top of neoliberalism?

Within the 4th episode of the PODCAST “Déclic – le Tournant”, we’re keen on neoliberalism. At a time when many governments denounce the abuses of the vitality market, some surprise if neoliberalism as embodied politically because the Eighties isn’t dying. So fantasy or actuality?

Interviewed within the context of this Podcast, the economist Bruno Colmant (from the technique agency Roland Berger) doesn’t mince his phrases on sure excesses of capitalism inside the framework of the market economic system: “markets function by anticipation of future wealth and due to this fact the market economic system consists of a capitalism of aspiration for the long run, in contrast to Rhineland capitalism (which we noticed within the Sixties and Seventies) which shares with it what’s We are able to due to this fact say that the market economic system as promoted by neoliberalism has reworked the vector of time, which has led to an overexploitation of nature. We wish instant enjoyment, to the detriment of nature, which has not time to regenerate.”

“Neoliberalism isn’t keen on individuals”

And the one who can also be a professor of Economics at UCLouvain additionally evokes the place of the human on this mannequin: “As it’s a capitalism of anticipation, the worth of the human is its circumstantial worth of the second. There is no such thing as a challenge for the human and due to this fact it’s a system which ends up in its exhaustion. Neoliberalism isn’t within the human, which it considers as an externality. The one restrict of the human is its organic restrict. And due to this fact it’s a capitalism which is by nature unequal and which overexploits the planet”.

For Bruno Colmant who drives the purpose residence, the mannequin of capitalism supported by the neoliberals is incompatible with the social state. “That is what we are actually seeing in Europe. The balances that have been patiently constructed after the conflict are incompatible with the necessities or the intemperance of the market economic system. And we did not notice this straight away as a result of when this neoliberalism was deployed within the Eighties, we residents weren’t satisfied of the effectiveness of the state”.

Discover the total interview with Bruno Colmant but in addition the cross-views of Bertrand Henne, Kenneth Bertrams (professor of financial historical past at ULB) and professor of sociology of labor (UCLouvain) Isabelle Ferreras on this new concern of the PODCAST “Déclic – Le Tournant”. Good listening!

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