Brussels: police violently attacked during an intervention

Brussels: police violently attacked during an intervention

Several police officers are incapacitated for work.

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LThese facts took place on Wednesday afternoon, square Jacques Franck, in Saint-Gilles, near the Porte de Hal. A police patrol had arrested a person on a scooter, reports the Log. It was a dealer carrying a large amount of cannabis and cocaine.

It was then that a second person, who might maintain a friendship with the dealer, joined in the debates. This man resisted when the officers also tried to arrest him. He attacked the officers, made death threats and called on people around him to come and help him.

Several young people responded favorably to his appeal and attacked the police, who were beaten up.

“Thanks” to this violence, several people, including the initially arrested dealer, managed to escape, unlike the person who called passers-by in search of help, and who was made available to the prosecution.

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Three police officers were injured in the incident and are out of work for almost a month for the most severely affected, the official learned. Log with the spokesperson for the Midi police zone.

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