“But we had to go home!”

“But we had to go home!”

Caroline, Jurgen and their two children wanted to spend New Year’s Eve by the sea… but unfortunately when they arrived in front of their apartment… they couldn’t come back. Not because of the keys but because he didn’t exist!

Unfortunately, 10 other people have already shown up at the same address. “I was still in contact with the woman when we left the house. Who assured that it would be ready when we arrived in Blankenberge, ”explains the family to GVA.

Caroline had met a certain Ann Janssens – a false name – through Facebook Marketplace. “We had been looking for an apartment for New Year’s for a while. A friend advised me to take a look. The contact went very smoothly and the profile of the woman did not arouse suspicion at all. »

Ghost rental

Until the family parked the car, they had no idea. Yet it is indeed in front of a ghost rental that they found themselves. Once they arrived, the woman no longer answered the phone. Even the ad and her profile suddenly disappeared from Facebook. “In fact the apartment did not exist”.

A couple from the building in question then comes to tell them that they are not the only ones to have been cheated. A dozen people experienced this misadventure. According to the police, “There are probably more, because the victims do not always file complaints in our area”.

The family therefore resigned themselves to returning home: “We had to return home… Either everything was full, or the prices were exorbitant. »


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