can the ache solely be proper within the decrease stomach?

can the ache solely be proper within the decrease stomach?

Unknown causes

The appendix is ​​a small, finger-like pocket of tissue, measuring 5-8 cm, situated on the decrease proper facet of the stomach, on the junction of the small gut and the massive gut. When this progress turns into infected, it’s referred to as appendicitis.

The explanations for the incidence of this appendicitis are unknown », Notes the French Nationwide Society of Gastroenterology (SNFGE). ” Similar to the operate of the appendix itself for that matter. »

Ache on the precise facet… however not at all times

Appendicitis ache most frequently begins in the precise iliac fossa (decrease proper of the navel). The depth of the ache, which resembles a twist or a cramp, progressively will increase through the first 24 hours.

Nevertheless, it could occur that the appendix is ​​not in its “regular” place. On this case, the pains will be felt greater, extra to the left or decrease within the pelvic area.

Different signs also can mark the incidence of appendicitis: a really slight fever, digestive problems (nausea, constipation, lack of urge for food, and so forth.). Non-specific signs that may complicate the prognosis. As a result of different illnesses can current the identical indicators and/or ache: viral gastroenteritis in kids or adults, testicular torsion, lesion of the fallopian tube (ectopic being pregnant, salpingitis) and so forth.

Extra exact examinations

In case of extreme ache, the reflex is to hunt recommendation out of your physician. First, a primary examination: palpation of the stomach. Then extra exact examinations could make it potential to make the right prognosis:

  • a urine dipstick with urine evaluation (to get rid of presumptions of cystitis, which could possibly be chargeable for belly ache),
  • a blood check (to search for a potential improve within the variety of white blood cells indicating an infection, and C-reactive protein indicating irritation).

Radiological examinations reminiscent of an ultrasound of the stomach or an abdomino-pelvic scanner may be requested if the earlier examinations are insufficiently suggestive.

Examinations of precision which undoubtedly clarify why the appendectomy is much less systematic than earlier than. Quite common within the early Eighties, the removing of the appendix thus elevated from 300,000 per yr to 75,000 in 2017.

Surgical procedure, at all times obligatory

Whether it is much less frequent, this operation remains to be obligatory in case of confirmed appendicitis. That is to stop any threat of peritonitis. The surgical procedure is most frequently carried out below laparoscopy (that’s to say by introducing small devices and a digital camera into the stomach via small incisions). And a few surgeons now provide the affected person to be operated on as an outpatient surgical procedure.

Sources: Medical health insurance – French Nationwide Society of Gastroenterology – Geneva College Hospitals.

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