“can’t wait for YouTube to die” This famous YouTuber talks about his future

“can’t wait for YouTube to die” This famous YouTuber talks about his future

Cultural News “can’t wait for YouTube to die” This famous YouTuber talks about his future

The future looks bleak for content creators on YouTube who watch helplessly as their views drop. Added to this is the arrival of artificial intelligence and new censorship rules synonymous with demonetization. For the Player of the Attic, this can have serious repercussions in the short and medium term.


  • The Future of JDG on YouTube
  • AIs in ambush

The Future of JDG on YouTube

For many videographers, YouTube is no longer the Eldorado it once was. In effect, the platform, which belongs as a reminder to Google, shows a sharp decline which is felt in particular in the number of views garnered for the benefit of TikTok in particular. For example, the Bazar du Grenier chain lost 50% of its views, dropping from more than 10 million per month to 4-5 million. This observation is shared by other YouTubers, including Nota Bene and many others. In 2023, the sky turns gray. A stormy wind has been blowing for several days on YouTube and is impacting content creators including JDG.

Le Joueur du Grenier fears the new rules applied by YouTube in terms of decorum. The platform is waging war on foul language and chasing the slightest swear word broadcast. In the event of a blatant infringement detected by a robot, the sanction is without appeal. The video is purely and simply demonetized. Two years of Terracid videos suffered this fate retroactively. Squeezie, for his part, self-censored the last episode of Who is the impostor? with Vald in order to circumvent the problem. The result is a video strewn with very unpleasant “beeps”. Faced with this new blow, JDG is not going around the bush.

If it happens on the Joueur du Grenier channel. It’s 13 years of demonetized videos. It is the very principle of the JDGs to say swear words. (…) It’s ridiculous. Honestly, I just can’t wait for YouTube to die. – Attic Player

AIs in ambush

The arrival of artificial intelligence could eventually sound the death knell for many professions, starting with the creators of visual, textual, musical and/or audiovisual content. The Attic Player spoke about this a few years ago. AIs, ever more efficient and now able to learn via artificial neural networks, produce artwork, compose, write articles, short stories, poetry and even novels. In short, they compete with the human being in the field of Arts that many thought would remain forever the preserve of Man.

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