Choose your new car, the obstacle course? “In five years, a lot has changed”

Choose your new car, the obstacle course? “In five years, a lot has changed”

On the occasion of the motor show which is taking place this Saturday at Brussels Expo, Xavier Daffe, editor-in-chief of Moniteur automobile, came to the RTL INFO set to give some advice on how to best choose your new vehicle.

Below €15,000, today, it is difficult to find a new car, even at the entry level…. “Prices have increased by an average of 18%”admits Xavier Deffe, editor-in-chief of Moniteur automobile. This reality makes the new particularly difficult to access, but the obstacles do not stop there.

“5 years ago it was much easier, everyone bought a diesel and everyone was even encouraged by the state to buy diesel via CO2 bonuses”remembers the guest of RTL INFO. Now diesel is “increasingly banned” and the possibilities are numerous for the type of engine: consumers have the choice between gasoline, diesel, hybrid vehicles, electric cars… “It becomes complex, especially since the laws are constantly changing”particularly at the level of traffic authorizations in certain cities.

What solutions?

But there are realities despite these changes. If a motorist drives more than 40,000 kilometers per year, “Diesel remains unavoidable” for Xavier Deffe. Otherwise, our guest recommends a plug-in hybrid model. “It’s a good solution, because it makes it possible to enter 100% electric mode in low-emission zones and also to foresee motorway journeys of several hundred kilometres”details the editor of Automotive Monitor.
For example, a rechargeable battery allows you to travel a few hundred kilometers on electric, which can be enough to make the trip home / work.

Leasing in vogue

For individuals, Xavier Deffe recommends opting for Euro 6 petrol, the latest pollution control standards in force. “There are small family breaks around €30/35,000, that’s still a considerable sum”he specifies. But betting on the value of today’s new cars in 10 years is difficult today… For those who care, there is still leasing: “for a monthly rent, he will enjoy a car and this rent will include the rental of the car but also its maintenance: taxes, tire changes, roadside assistance”. More and more dealers are offering this solution.

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