Closure of the Fuse: a petition collects nearly 20,000 signatures in a few hours

Closure of the Fuse: a petition collects nearly 20,000 signatures in a few hours

Thursday evening, the Fuse, the oldest techno club in Belgium, announced its closure with immediate effect following a dispute with a neighbor.


n petition launched Thursday evening calling for the reopening of Fuse, the oldest techno club in Belgium has already collected nearly 20,000 signatories out of the 25,000 possible.

“We urge everyone to sign this petition to save the Fuse”, implore the authors who want the reopening of one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe.

The famous nightclub “Le Fuse” closed its doors in Brussels, with immediate effect Thursday evening. It is a real impact for the world of the night. The reason for this sudden closure is a decree from the Brussels government (Bruxelles Environnement) which stipulates that the sound level of the club can no longer exceed 95dB and that the club must close its doors at two in the morning. Conditions which, for the bosses, do not hold up.

The Fuse was created in 1994 by Thierry Coppens and Peter Decuypere. Steven Van Belle, the current artistic director, explained to “Soir” why the club decided to close.

Many discussions

The club was informed of the government’s decision on December 31. “We have tried to find a solution in the meantime, with the neighbor, as well as with the city of Brussels. There were many direct discussions from the start with this neighbor and his lawyers. We have always wanted to be constructive and have long tried to find a solution. For example, we offered him to rent his property, and even to buy it. We have invested in insulation. But we did not reach a compromise. This is why we are forced to announce a closure. »

For Fuse bosses, shutting down at two in the morning is simply not an option. A sound volume of less than 95dB either.

“The young clientele generally arrives between one and two o’clock in the morning and the club stays open until seven or eight o’clock. And if we reduce the sound to 95dB, it would be a volume five times less powerful than normal. At this sound level, people speak above the music”, explains Steven Van Belle.

Imagining further insulating the building to reduce noise pollution is not financially possible. “You would have to build a box within a box. The club’s capacity would be halved and the work would take at least a year, with no money coming in and no guarantee of the success of this new insulation.

Towards a reopening?

The closure is not permanent, but temporary. The Fuse has questioned Brussels Environment and is awaiting an answer by January 25 to find out if a reopening is possible.

One of Steven Van Belle’s arguments is as follows: “When you buy a property near a nightclub, you have to be able to bear the consequences. If you buy a house near an airport, you know you’re going to live with noise. »

“The decision is disproportionate. This does not take into account the fact that we have been present in the cultural landscape of Brussels for thirty years, and that this neighbor arrived after us. Nor does it take into account that we have tried and tried many compromises, and that we have always been open to dialogue. »

The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close (PS), showed his support by posting “The #Fuse must live” on Twitter. “This is a monument that has brought so much to our capital. I undertake to do everything to find a solution so that it reopens as soon as possible, ”continues the politician.

For his part, Alain Maron, Brussels Minister for the Environment (Ecolo), “wishes that all efforts be made with a view to a rapid reopening of this high festive place in Brussels”, reports BX1. The Minister announced that he had “brought together environmental police officials and the Fuse operator on Wednesday to identify possible solutions for a rapid reopening”.

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