Corruption in the European Parliament: Pier Antonio Panzeri signs a repentant agreement

Corruption in the European Parliament: Pier Antonio Panzeri signs a repentant agreement

Suspected of corruption, money laundering and involvement in a criminal organisation, deprived of his freedom since December 9, the former Italian S&D MEP Antonio Panzeri signed a repentant agreement.

Lex-Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, a key suspect in the Qatargate corruption scandal, signed an agreement on Tuesday with the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office providing that he will now collaborate with investigators in exchange for a reduced prison sentence, announced the wooden floor.

“In the file opened by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and commissioned by a Brussels investigating judge, a file relating, in particular, to suspicions of fraud within the European Parliament, an important development has taken place today.

Indeed, one of the important protagonists of this case, Pier Panzeri accompanied by his lawyers, signed, with the federal prosecutor, a memorandum established under articles 216/1 to 216/8 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Articles that target repentant suspects in a case.

This is, on the part of the pentiti, a commitment to make substantial, revealing, sincere and complete statements concerning the participation of third parties and, where applicable, his own participation, with regard to offenses covered by the said file. .

Mr. Pier Panzeri has been charged since December 10, 2022 for acts of participation in a criminal organization as a leader, money laundering and active and passive public corruption.

Through this memorandum, he undertakes to inform the investigators and the Justice in particular on:

– operating mode,

– financial arrangements with third-party states,

– the financial structures put in place,

– the beneficiaries of the structures put in place and the advantages offered,

– the involvement of people known or not yet known in the case, including the identity of the people he admits to having corrupted,

– …

Under the memorandum signed today, the penalty incurred by Pier Panzeri will be effective but limited. It will include imprisonment, a fine and the confiscation of all acquired property benefits, currently valued at one million euros.

This is the second time in Belgian judicial history, since the implementation of the so-called “pentiti” law (repentant, with reference to the Italian law allowing investigations into mafias) that this procedure has resulted in the signing of a memorandum. In both cases, these are files implemented by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

In the interest of the investigation, no further information will be given at this time. The press will be informed of any new developments by press release. »

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