Covi-19, flu and bronchiolitis: how to avoid infecting your loved ones during the holiday season?

Covi-19, flu and bronchiolitis: how to avoid infecting your loved ones during the holiday season?

The end of year celebrations are approaching. Here are some tips to avoid catching these viruses as well as transmitting them.

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All indicators of the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic are on the rise as the end-of-year holidays approach. This year, hospitals are also having to deal with an “unprecedented” bronchiolitis epidemic. And with the drop in temperatures, the flu should not take long to arrive.

Therefore, how to prevent family and friend gatherings from becoming a place of contamination? First, it is a question of not contaminating yourself: even in good health, there is no need to expose yourself to the risks of the long Covid. Then, not to infect others: some of your relatives may be elderly, immunocompromised or still unvaccinated.

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Unfortunately, Covid-19, bronchiolitis, as well as the flu, are still illnesses that can cause hospitalization, and in the worst case, death. It is therefore important to take precautions before inviting your friends and family over for the holiday season. Here are some tips that may help you.

The vaccination

Have you taken your fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine? If you are one of the at-risk audiences, it may be time to think about it. The same goes for vaccination against influenza: the Superior Health Council recommends, for example, pregnant women and people over 50 to get vaccinated.

The invitations

Why not spend a New Year’s Eve in a small committee? Or celebrate it twice to limit the risk of contamination? For example, you could spend the evening of the 24th with your family, and the day of the 25th with that of your partner. In this way, family mixing is limited, as are the risks.

In addition, to limit the risk of bronchiolitis in babies, it is recommended to avoid contact with adults outside the household.

The mask

To avoid infecting your family, you must avoid infecting yourself. Two weeks before the holidays, so be vigilant. Covid, RSV (bronchiolitis) and influenza viruses are all transmitted by droplets and aerosols. The mask therefore effectively reduces the risk of infection against these three viruses. Remember to wear it in closed places, such as public transport, at work, or in crowded stores.

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The tests

On December 23, or even the 24, invite your loved ones to perform a self-test. In case of symptoms (fever, body aches, headache, cough, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, runny nose, nasal congestion), it may be better to stay at home. Not only are the self-tests for Covid-19 not 100% reliable, but in addition, these symptoms can also be those of the flu or RSV, responsible for bronchiolitis.


Even if it’s cold, remember to ventilate, even just a little, the inside of your home. The concentration of CO2 in the air depends on the number of people in a room and the physical activity that takes place there. ” The higher the CO2 concentration, the higher the concentration of aerosols (microdroplets produced by breathing) that can be contaminated by microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. This situation increases the risk of contamination “, recalls the FPS Public Health on its website.

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