“Currents of polar origin”: part of Belgium on alert, here is the weather forecast

“Currents of polar origin”: part of Belgium on alert, here is the weather forecast

Snowfall or melting snow are expected, in the plain and in the Ardennes.

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LThe Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) warns motorists of the risk of slippery roads due to snow in the provinces of Liège, Namur and Luxembourg, all three placed in code yellow until Monday morning at 10 a.m.

“We are still forecasting light snowfall or melting snow in the plains, and snow in the Ardennes. On the heights of the east, these snowfalls could locally still lead to an additional accumulation, up to around 1 centimeter in 6 hours”, underlines the institute.

“On the other hand, patches of ice can still form as a result of hardened snow or water from the partial melting of the snowpack, which then freezes when surface temperatures become negative again,” according to the report. ‘MRI.

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“This Sunday and tomorrow Monday, we will remain under the influence of continental currents of polar origin from the northeast sector”, warns the IRM. “Tonight and tonight, the sky will remain generally overcast with quite a few low clouds which can sometimes give rise to some light snowfall, especially in the east. A few openings could nevertheless develop in the west of the territory. The minima will be around 0 degrees in most regions, and will be between -1 and -3 degrees in the Ardennes. In Hautes-Fagnes, they will still be around -5 degrees. The wind will be weak to moderate from north to northeast. »

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