Danger, your weight loss is ruined because of this breakfast mistake!

Danger, your weight loss is ruined because of this breakfast mistake!

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If some French people do not really have a weight problem, we can still see that obesity is a problem that is tending to become widespread in France and around the world! With increasingly sweet food products that are increasingly desirable, it can be difficult to avoid them… However, there is no shortage of advice in the world of diet and well-being, so much so that some nutritionists claim that everything has been said on the subject.

It is true that most of them will tell you that it is especially necessary to avoid foods that are processed, and therefore all industrial food products. But how do you get out of it when you feel like you’ve made every effort imaginable and you find that you still can’t lose weight? Well, maybe the answer lies in breakfast! While some of you will have no trouble having a fairly nutritious and not excessive breakfast, others will, on the contrary, be fine struggling to lose weight because of this meal. Indeed, most French people make a serious mistake in the morning!

Breakfast, a very controversial meal!

If breakfast has long been at the heart of many debates in France, it is no coincidence! Some say that you have to eat well in the morning to be in good shape and avoid overeating the rest of the day, while others say very clearly that you have to avoid binging when you wake up. But then, what should we actually do? A hearty breakfast? No breakfast at all?

As often, you will realize that the reality is often between the two, so many nutritionists and other specialists have been able to speak on this subject. This is particularly the case of the biochemist Jessie Inchauspé who was able to speak on a breakfast myth which could well make you change completely… But what is it more exactly?

An ingredient to eliminate urgently for breakfast!

Between cereals, milk, scrambled eggs, black coffee, or even bacon for some, how can you be sure and certain of knowing what to eat? Well, it’s in his book Make Your Glucose Revolution that the author Jessie Unweared took the floor, and we can say that his revelations cold front in the back…

In his book, he says that orange juice should be banned as soon as possible from your breakfast! The reason ? Well, in fact, when you look, there is a lot of sugar in a glass of orange juice! With 8 grams of sugar for only 100 mlthis is something to think about…

One might also think that this is not the case for hand-squeezed orange juice, but the sentence is the same in this specific case! Indeed, your body will not make the difference, and it is therefore not recommended to abuse it in the morning if you want to try to lose weight. You won’t see your glass of orange juice the same way anymore… if you decide to keep it in your habits!

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