Dengue fever: sensitive situation in Guadeloupe where we have reached phase 2 of the epidemic

Dengue fever: sensitive situation in Guadeloupe where we have reached phase 2 of the epidemic

The dengue fever situation in Martinique and the northern islands is relatively calm, but in Guadeloupe phase 2 of the epidemic has been triggered. Nothing alarming but there are several isolated cases with two outbreaks identified in Saint-François.

It is in its first bulletin Epidémio, that Santé Publique France takes stock of the situation of Dengue fever in Guadeloupe Martinique and in the northern islands.

For the last 4 weeks, we note in Guadeloupe the presence of several cases of dengue fever in the population. First, two active outbreaks have been identified in Saint François, which denotes a circulation of the virus in certain neighborhoods such as the Marina or Morne à Caye.

Since the end of 2022, 42 cases of dengue fever have been confirmed in Guadeloupe, in approximately 9 municipalities. Isolated cases but whose number has been on the rise since November 2022.

After analysis, the usual serotype is circulating. The one identified during the 2019 epidemic. Around 70 cases suggestive of the disease have been identified and the last week of the year saw 3 people go to the emergency room and 1 hospitalized afterwards.

We cannot yet speak of a Dengue epidemic in Guadeloupe, but the situation is under surveillance with an already well-established network between city doctors, laboratories and the hospital.
Phase 2 level 1 for isolated outbreaks or outbreaks with no epidemiological links is activated and the prevention advice recalled.

The mosquito vector of Dengue must be controlled to avoid a strong circulation of the virus. It is therefore necessary to track stagnant water and avoid bites by using repellents.

At the appearance of symptoms such as fever, headaches and muscle pain, you must remain vigilant and do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

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