Denmark lost four princes as of January 1, 2023

Denmark lost four princes as of January 1, 2023

On January 1, 2023, Denmark has four fewer princes. Four of Queen Margrethe II’s eight grandchildren have been impeached. Count Nikolai, Count Felix, Count Henrik and Countess Athena de Monpezat start the year 2023 with their new identity.

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Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik, Princess Athena become Count Nikolai, Count Felix, Count Henrik and Countess Athena

On September 28, 2022, in the middle of her Golden Jubilee year, between two celebrations for her 50 years of reign, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, much adored sovereign, announced her decision to depose four of her grandchildren at the New Year. The four children of Prince Joachim thus lost their princely title and their predicate on January 1, 2023. Queen Margrethe II, for her part, fell from her pedestal.

Denmark lost four princes as of January 1, 2023
Prince Felix, Princess Marie, Prince Joachim, Princess Athena, Prince Henrik and Prince Nikolai pictured on September 11 in Copenhagen. Since January 1, 2023, they have been known as Count Felix, Princess Marie, Prince Joachim, Countess Athena, Count Henrik and Count Nikolai de Monpezat (Photo: Patrick van Katwijk/Picture Alliance/ISOPIX)

The removal of the younger branch of her descendants has earned the 82-year-old Queen a lot of criticism. The decision also deepened the rift that exists between Crown Prince Frederikn, 54, and his younger brother, Prince Joachim, 53. Two clans formed. Prince Joachim, his ex-wife Alexandra, mother of his first two children, and his second wife, Princess Marie, did not mince words and did not hesitate to defend their children.

Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Queen Margrethe II, Princess Marie, Princess Athena and Prince Joachim behind Prince Henrik (Photo: Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset)

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Prince Nikolai, 23, and Prince Felix, 20, children from Joachim’s first marriage, and Prince Henrik, 13, and Princess Athena, 10, children from the second marriage, thus lose their princely title and their predicate of Highness. Since January 1, 2023, they have been known as Count Nikolai, Count Felix, Count Henrik and Countess Athena de Monpezat. All the descendants of Queen Margrethe II and her late husband already bore the title of Count and Countess of Monpezat, a title created in 2008 in honor of Prince Consort Henri, born Henri de Laborde de Monpezat. The title of Count and Countess of Monpezat is accompanied by the predicate of Excellence. The order of succession to the throne remains unchanged.

The order of succession to the Danish throne remains unchanged despite the stripping of the princely titles of Prince Joachim’s four children (Image: Histoires Royales)

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Queen Margrethe II talks about family struggles since her decision to depose Prince Joachim’s children

Count Nikolai de Monpezat said he was deeply saddened by his dismissal. Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Countess Alexandra did not hide the pain of their children. Princess Marie underlined the discomfort caused by this decision, in particular for her young daughter, Countess Athena, to whom her identity was changed at the age of 10. Queen Margrethe II also reacted to the controversy, initially admitting to having “underestimated” the impact that this dismissal will have on her grandchildren. The four children of his first son, Crown Prince Frederik, keep their princely title.

In her New Year’s speech, Queen Margrethe II spoke of this complicated passage to live for her family. ” Difficulties and disagreements can arise in any family, including mine. The whole country witnessed it “, confessed the queen in her annual address to the nation. ” The fact that the relationship with Prince Joachim and Princess Marie ran into difficulties hurts me. We have now had a more peaceful and reflective time, and I am sure the family can approach the new year with confidence, understanding and a new burst of courage. “. She concludes by stating: All my eight grandchildren are my great joy. »

In her New Year’s speech, Queen Margrethe II spoke about the split within her family (Picture: video screenshot)

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“The Queen wants to create the framework for the four grandchildren to shape their own lives to a much greater extent without being constrained by the special considerations and obligations that come with formal affiliation to the Royal Household as an institution.”explained the Royal Court at the time of the shock announcement.

The heir couple with three of their four children. Princess Isabella was absent during this event. None of the children of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are involved in the title reform announced by Queen Margrethe II (Photo: Patrick van Katwijk/Picture Alliance/ISOPIX)

The heiress family, which is not affected by this decision, had reacted with less emotion to the announcement. Crown Princess Mary, wife of the heir to the throne, responded to Ekstra Bladet in particular: “Change can be extremely difficult and can really hurt. I think most people have experienced this before. But that doesn’t mean the decision isn’t the right one.”. She explained that she and her husband may have a similar decision to make one day for her youngest children. “We will also look into the titles of our children when the time comes”.

The title of Prince of Denmark is special since there are actually two different titles in the Danish language. The title of “Prince in Denmark” is reserved for members listed in the order of succession. The others are just “Prince of Denmark”. One could attempt a translation into “Prince in Denmark” and “Prince of Denmark”as there are the titles of “Duke in Saxony” and “Duke of Saxony” or “Duke in Bavaria” and “Duke of Bavaria”. “The” is the equivalent of ” to ” in English and ” of ” of ” of “.

Thus, all princes and princesses descended from Christian X, born into the royal family, are princes ” in Denmark “. Husbands and wives who obtain the title through marriage are not born into the royal family and therefore bear the title of princes and princesses “from Denmark”. The same goes for the queen. Margrethe II is queen ” in Denmark “. His son, the current Crown Prince ” in Denmark “will one day become King Frederik X ” in Denmark “. On the other hand, his wife, the current Crown Princess Mary “from Denmark”, will become queen “from Denmark”. So there is a difference between queen regnant and queen consort.

The princes “from Denmark are more numerous today than we think. In addition to husbands and wives, there are also members of the Greek royal family. All the princes of Greece are also princes of Denmark. Members of the Greek royal family are princes of Denmark, simply because their elected king, George 1st, was the second son of King Christian IX. Born on December 24, 1845, he bore the birth name of Guillaume, from the Danish royal family, whose name is Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderbourg-Glücksbourg, a younger branch of the old Oldenburg family. Although he became king of the Hellenes, the sovereign kept his princely title and the Danish Crown accepted that he would not renounce his titles, neither for himself nor for his descendants. In 1953, the new rule of succession deprived the Greek branch of any claim to the throne, by limiting the order to descendants of Christian X. Members of the Greek royal family remained princes “af Danmark” and could not adopt the new particle “til”.

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