Digital Painting Techniques – Video Course

Digital Painting Techniques – Video Course

Today it is a brand new video tutorial dedicated to Digital Painting that we present to you in partnership with the site. Alongside Raphaël Lacoste, Artistic Director in the video game industry, you will create a Matte Painting type illustration.

Who Should Attend ?

Entirely online, this course is aimed at people who have a solid foundation in Photoshop. The objective is to learn how to give life to an environment concept drawing that can be used for a film or video game project.

The tutorial program

During 1h30 of lessons, you will explore different concept and digital painting techniques. They will start from the traditional approach of black and white to explore a composition, then “photobashing” techniques.

Here is the detailed program:

  • drawing the concept in Procreate or other drawing software;
  • working with textures in Photoshop;
  • the light ;
  • the atmosphere;
  • and many others !

You will have different source files to practice on the same examples as those seen in class.

Create a Fancy Environment Design

To give you a taste, here is a presentation of this training which will allow you to discover the objectives expected in the course.

You can find the Fantasy Environment Design training in its entirety on

Also discover all the Photoshop tutorials available on the platform.

That’s good !

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