Does a honey and lemon tea really relieve?

Does a honey and lemon tea really relieve?


  • To remedy winter pathologies, such as the common cold, tea with honey and lemon is often used.
  • No studies prove the effectiveness of this drink.

When the temperature drops, it’s the realm of colds, coughs or flu. The majority of French people then consult their doctor while the others wait for it to pass.

Grandmother’s trick of drinking hot tea with lemon and honey to protect your throat and cure a bad cold is known to everyone. But does it really work? Three American doctors interviewed by the National Public Radio (NPR) shed some light on the matter.

Grandmother’s remedy: real effectiveness or placebo effect?

First of all, experts explain that there are few clinical studies proving that these foods are useful against the common cold. And for good reason: if it is easy to define the effectiveness of a drug by testing its placebo effect, it is much less easy to check it with foods such as tea or honey, doctors point out.

Colds and sore throats: the benefits of tea

Tea is particularly effective in relieving sore throats. “I must admit that when a patient consults me for a cold, I often advise him to sip some tea“explains Dr. Edward Damrose, chief of laryngology at the Stanford Health Center.

“I’m not sure whether it’s the tea itself that has the beneficial property, or whether the hot water cuts up phlegm and makes patients feel good“, he clarified. Hot liquids can free the throat, which swells with inflammation and makes swallowing difficult. In other words, a cup of hot water would have the same effect. This solution would even better because it is completely free of caffeine and theine unlike tea.Remember that the caffeine in tea increases acid production and can easily irritate the throat.

The action of honey on sore throats

According to Dr. Long, assistant professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in the United States, it is “really very speculative” claim that honey has therapeutic properties that can relieve sore throats. However, the latter sees no reason to ban it when you have a cold. While there are no studies proving its benefits for sore throats, there is no evidence that it makes symptoms worse.

The role of lemon in fighting infections

Doctors claim that the vitamin C in lemons can help fight respiratory infections caused by viruses, especially thanks to their anti-bacterial properties. Since the acid can irritate the throat, only a quarter is enough.

Self-medication for colds

Pharmacies stock dozens of medicines that are supposed to get us through the winter. This will first help pharmacists and the pharmaceutical industry to get the summer off to a good start. There are no magic drugs. Beware of the family medicine cabinet, it contains more pitfalls than solutions.

In conclusion, prefer hot water to tea to relieve sore throats. Add lemon but not too much, a quarter is enough, as well as a few spoonfuls of honey to give a little flavor to your drink. Rest, inhale water vapor and avoid talking or speak in a low voice if you suffer from loss of voice.

If the symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Does a honey and lemon tea really relieve?

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