Download Intel Unison free for PC, iOS

Download Intel Unison free for PC, iOS

Thanks to Unison from Intel, it is now very easy to make a smartphone communicate with a PC. With an Android mobile or an iPhone, this free app makes it easy to share images and files, send and receive text messages and make calls from the PC.

To synchronize a smartphone with a PC, many mobile manufacturers have developed their own tool such as those found at Motorola, Honor or Samsung to name a few. Microsoft has also designed its own function and even integrated it from the start into Windows 11 under the name of Connected Mobile (previously called Your Phone). A comfortable and simple solution to implement as we explain in our practical sheet. However, if it works rather well with Android devices (especially with Samsung mobiles which benefit from even more functions), it leaves out the huge share of users who use an iPhone. With this app, only the web browsing history done with Edge browser is synced. Suffice to say, it’s not much use.

Fortunately, Intel has addressed the issue. After an announcement in September 2022, the founder took advantage of CES in Las Vegas to make its brand new free application available: Unison. Its goal: to communicate Android devices and iPhones with PCs running Windows 11 in order to be able to access, from the computer, the photo gallery of the smartphone but also to be able to exchange SMS, make and receive calls, display notifications or exchange files very simply. Nice program to which only one restriction applies: only PCs running with an Intel processor can use it. Computers powered by an AMD processor are not supported.

To use Unison, a PC app is therefore essential, as is its mobile counterpart, which can be downloaded from the PlayStore or the AppStore. Here’s how to implement it.

Whether you are using an Android or iOS mobile, Intel Unison works the same way. After downloading the app on the PC, you must retrieve its counterpart on the mobile in order to communicate between the two devices through Bluetooth.

► Start by downloading Intel Unison on your PC with Intel processor and open the application. On the first screen, click Accept and continue.

Download Intel Unison free for PC, iOS

► Intel then asks for permission to collect some statistical data in order to improve its application. Make your choice (there is no obligation to share this information).

► Now is the time to bring the companion app back to your smartphone. Intel Unison is available on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Click on the link Download the phone app here and scan the QR code using your mobile or use our download links at the top of this page.

► Launch the app on the mobile. In the same way as on the PC, accept or refuse to share statistical data with Intel to continue.

► Intel informs you that the app needs access to certain data on your smartphone to work: contacts, photos, local network and Bluetooth connection. Logic. Press on Let’s go.

► Then follows a series of authorization requests. Press on OKAY or To allow for each of them.

► When all permissions are granted, tap Scan the QR Code at the bottom of the screen.

► With the smartphone camera (on iPhone, the app will ask for permission to use it), aim at the QR code displayed in the Unison app open on the PC. The pairing process starts. On the PC screen, a multi-letter code is displayed in the Unison app. Compare it to the one presented on the mobile screen. If it matches, click Confirm on the PC screen.

► All that remains is to establish the Bluetooth connection between the two devices. Confirm the operation on the PC screen and on the mobile.

► Finally, confirm access to Unison app notifications on mobile.

► Smartphone and PC are now paired. The panel let’s start is displayed on the PC screen.

Intel Unison is now operational and remains so as long as the Bluetooth link between the mobile and the PC is maintained. The ribbon on the left of the Unison window lists the possible actions: File Transfer, Gallery, Messages, Calls and Notifications.

Recover photos or videos

► Click on Gallery. Immediately, the gallery of photos present on the mobile is displayed on the screen. You can select snapshots by checking at home at the top left of their thumbnail and repatriate them to the PC by clicking on down arrow icon at the top of the window.

Transfer files

► If you have documents on your smartphone that you want to recover on the PC and vice versa, nothing could be simpler. In the Unison app on the PC, click Files transfert in the ribbon. Then click on the button Browse files in the center of the window to find the file(s) to transfer to your smartphone. You can also drag them into the Unison window from File Explorer.

► As soon as chosen, the files are sent to the mobile. They are listed under the tab Received in the Unison app.

► To carry out the manipulation in the opposite direction, from the mobile to the PC, press the arrow at the bottom right of the screen on the mobile. Then choose where the files to be sent are stored.

► Choose your files and press Open.

► They are immediately sent to the PC.

► In the Unison app on Windows, just click the button Download at the bottom of the left banner of the screen to retrieve them.

Send and receive SMS

► Unison allows you to send and receive SMS from your PC. No need to keep your smartphone under your eyes. So click on posts in the banner on the left of the Unison window on the PC. With an Android smartphone, all conversations are displayed. Click on one of them to enter a message for this correspondent.

► If you are using an iPhone, an additional step is required. Authorization must be granted to the PC to access the notifications on the mobile through Bluetooth. On the iPhone, access the Settings of iOS and choose Bluetooth. Then press the And blue corresponding to your PC.

► Finally toggle the switch Notice at the top of the window in the active position. Then return to the Unison app. We noticed a small bug. Only conversations with new messages (exchanged after enabling notifications) are displayed. Chat history is missing. With an Android smartphone, this problem does not arise.

Make and receive calls

► Click the button call in the left ribbon of the Unison app on PC. In the left pane is the list of your contacts. They are listed in alphabetical order without unfortunately being able to sort them. Also unable to access call history. In the center of the window is the numeric keypad with which you can dial a number. Whether you make a call or receive one, you can pick up from the PC and converse through its speakers and microphone.

Receive notifications

► All the notifications you receive on your smartphone also arrive on the PC. Click on the button Notice in the left ribbon of the Unison app on PC. This displays the list of notifications.

► Note that these also show up in the Windows notification center.

► If you do not wish to receive these notifications directly in Windows, there is a setting to prevent them from appearing in the Unison app settings.

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