Eva Kaili’s lawyers denounce the “medieval” conditions of detention of their client: “Practices of torture unacceptable in Europe”

Eva Kaili’s lawyers denounce the “medieval” conditions of detention of their client: “Practices of torture unacceptable in Europe”

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During this hearing, Eva Kaili’s lawyers, Maîtres André Risopoulos and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, denounced the conditions of detention unworthy of their client.

Eva Kaili's Belgian lawyer, André Risopoulos (2nd R), alongside Greek lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos (R), talks to the press at the Palace of Justice in Brussels on January 19, 2023. - The so- saying "Qatargate" The corruption scandal grabbed international headlines as a Belgian investigation saw the homes of MEPs raided, bags full of cash discovered and MP Eva Kaili detained.  (Photo by Jean THYS / AFP)
Maîtres Andre Risopoulos and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, lawyers for Eva Kaili at the Brussels courthouse ©AFP or licensors

”Ms Kaili maintains she is innocent”the two lawyers said. “She never cooperated with Mr. Panzeri. We have elements in the file which allow us to corroborate it. But for now, she seems to be paying the heaviest price in this case, and that seems abnormal to us. Eva Kaili was arrested along with former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, his partner and Panzeri’s right arm, Francesco Giorgi, lobbyist Nicolo Figa-Talamanca, and trade unionist Luca Visentini. However, the last two were released after their interrogation.

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4 p.m. in a police cell

The defense says the former vice-president of the European parliament has only been allowed to see her almost two-year-old child twice since her arrest more than six weeks ago. She would also have been placed in solitary confinement, from January 11 to 13.

”During this period, she also had to spend 16 hours in a cell of the federal judicial police, and not in prison”indicated Maître Dimitrakopoulos, at the end of the hearing at the Brussels courthouse. “Although it was cold there, and she had to get rid of her coat, she was not given a second blanket. Although she was on her period, she was not allowed to wash, and the light was always on, which prevented her from sleeping. These are practices of torture that are not unacceptable in Europe”, he supported.

“This is torture. Eva Kaili has been charged, but the presumption of innocence prevails. We are in Europe, these acts go against the European Convention on Human Rights. This is the Middle Ages”, he hammered.

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