Flood of criticism from Theo Francken towards Ludivine Dedonder: “A lack of seriousness in coming to work in sneakers”

Flood of criticism from Theo Francken towards Ludivine Dedonder: “A lack of seriousness in coming to work in sneakers”

Faced with the minister’s responses, Theo Francken issued several virulent criticisms. First of all regarding the politician’s level of Dutch: “You recited two excerpts in Dutch, the rest was in French. With your colleague Hadja Lahbib, it was the same. I am the only caller. The tradition is that when you are addressed in Dutch, you answer in Dutch. If there are several interpellants in French and in Dutch, you can of course choose. I know you work there, Dutch is not an easy language. I also had to work on my French and I continue to make gross mistakes. But well, I hope that in 2024, during the next budget, we will be able to exchange in Dutch with each other”he launched.

The N-VA deputy then attacked Ludivine Dedonder’s communication on social networks. A strategy to attract the young electorate according to him: “I saw you were on Tiktok. Personally as Minister of Defence, I would not. Tiktok is Chinese espionage”he reviled. The latter also considered the dress inadequate, according to him, of the minister. “Coming in basketball to your office is a lack of seriousness when there is a war in Europe”teases Theo Francken.

”What really matters is the action”

Faced with these attacks, Ludivine Dedonder reacted: “It’s not a strategy or a tactic to attract young people. I am myself, I remain myself, minister or not. And I’m doing the best I can, too, to rebuild this department. Whether I do it with sneakers or stilettos. I think what really matters is the action”she shouted.

The Minister did not stop there since she shared the sequence on Twitter, accompanied by a caption: “When some politicians still judge a woman’s skills by how she dresses. In sneakers or heels, I stay true to myself, a woman of conviction. No offense to some”she writes.

For his part, Theo Francken commented on the publication, expressing “three suggestions for 2023”:

”1) Finally learn to speak Dutch, you were Minister of Defense of the whole country for 2 years. The Flemish are the largest group. 2) It’s war in Europe and you are the Minister of Defense. 3) TikTok is Chinese espionage.”

At the time of writing these lines, the exchange of pleasantries has not yet stopped.

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